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Turkey releases video showing 8 Turkish soldiers holding guns before fleeing to Greece

Most likely the Turkish Armed Forces have leaked to national media a video showing the 8 Turkish soldiers who fled to Greece on the day after the failed coup of July 2016. The footage shows three of the 8 soldiers holding guns. It was allegedly security cameras in the military camp that captured the soldiers before they seized a Black Hawk helicopter and fled to Greece. With the video Ankara tries to prove that the soldiers were involved in the coup, although the footage looks rather peculiar.

The video uploaded by news agency Anadolu. According to the state news agency, three of the 8 Turkish soldiers are being captured by the security camera to hold guns and the footage shows them before they seized the helicopter to flee to Greece.

What is interesting is that despite the guns the rest of  more than 12 soldiers passing in front of the camera look calm and not in a hurry or on alert, and the atmosphere looks like a normal day with normal activity.

The longer version of the released video is compiled from recordings from July 14th, 15th and 16th. Among others, the video shows a group of  special forces royal to Erdogan to storm the camp.

The failed coup took place on July 15, 2016, the 8 soldiers fled to Greece on July 16th.

It is interesting that the video is released 20 months after the 8 Turkish soldiers fled to Greece one day after the coup and months after Ankara has officially asked for their extradition.

Turkey accuses them of having actively participated in the coup.

It is not clear whether Ankara submitted the video footage together with the extradition requests to Greek authorities.

On the other hand, it seems pretty logical that the Turkish soldiers are holding guns and are on alert inside a military camp right after the failed the coup.

It is worth noting that the video is released as two Greek soldiers remain in custody in Turkish prison for having accidentally crossed into the country on March 1st, and Greek authorities are to examine the third extradition request submitted by Ankara.

PS It would be odd if the Turkish soldiers were holding Doner kebabs, wouldn’t it?

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