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UPD Horror abuse! Greek soldiers throw dog over cliff, post video on social media

The General Staff of the Greek Land Forces has ordered an urgent investigation after a video posted on social media shows the horror abuse of a dog by soldiers. In the video posted on Facebook on Sunday morning, the two soldiers grab a dog from the legs and throw him over a cliff. A third soldier is filming the despicable act, is heard telling them “No, jerks, what are you doing, jerks!” At the same time all three young thugs are being heard laughing, while the poor dog is whining.

The cruel animal abuse took reportedly place inside the military camp of Konitsa in Ioannina, Epirus,  North-West Greece.

In a statement, the General Staff said  on the occasion of a published video showing soldiers           abusing a dog, we announce that the issue is being investigated in order to attribute direct responsibility to those involved for this cruel and condemnable act.

According to available data, the soldiers are not permanent members of the Greek Army but conscripts who have already finished their military service. However, the soldiers have been  identified and their data are to be forwarded to police, media report.

The abuse took place some four months ago.

The video triggered an outrage and after a storm of reactions, Facebook removed it the video.


As more details about the incident come into light, unconfirmed rumors have it that the dog managed to thrown over the cliff. Members of the animal welfare society of Konitsa said they will try to confirm the rumors. the incident took place at the military post of Plikati close to a village of the same name where soldiers are feeding a female stray dog. Members of the welfare society will visit the village on Monday and try to identify whether the stray is identical with the abused dog on the video.

Hundreds of angry Greeks have denounced the incident to the General Staff and Electronic Crime Dept of the Greek Police.

The Police said on a tweet on Sunday evening that the E-Crime Dept is preparing a case file.

The culprits will be called to testify to prosecutor and tried. The procedure may take time, even if convicted they most probably escape imprisonment on suspension and get away with just a fine.

The administrative fine for animal abuses is 30,000 euros.


How could this brutal act take place without higher-ranking officers noticing it? This is something the General Staff should investigate as well.

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  1. how has facebook removed the video i only just saw it today so its still on social media i hope they get whats coming to them scum did they find the dog poor thing