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Athens: 24h Taxi strike, work stoppages at Buses, Trolleys & Metro on June 14

A hell of a day for motorists and commuters in Greek capital Athens, due to work stoppages in public transport means and a new 24-hour strike of taxi drivers. Main roads in the city of more than 4 million inhabitants are fully packed, since the morning. The situation is expected to get even worse due to protest rallies in the city center.

Work Stoppages

Buses will not operate from 12 o’ clock noon until 5:00 pm, however, one should add one hour earlier and one hour later until buses will be in full operation. Affected form the work stoppage are also the express buses to/from Athens Airport.

Trolley buses  will not operate between 12 o’ clock noon and 4:00 pm. Here is also the ‘one hour’ due.

Metro Lines 2 & 3 operate 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

24-hour Strike


Taxi drivers have announced returning 24-hour strikes claiming the new austerity bill among others mentions “the return of the Uber.”

Also Taxi drivers in Thessaloniki are on strike for second consecutive day for the same reason.

According to some media, Transportation Minister, Christos Spirtzis, is to submit last minute changes into the bill to satisfy the noble and very powerful union of taxi drivers….

******Taxi drivers suspended the 24h strike as of  late Thursday afternoon!

Protest rallies

12:00 noon: Public sector union ADEDY  at Klafthmonos Square, KKE union PAME at Omonoia Square

13:00 noon: Several unions at Kolokotroni square

The rallies are in protest against the new austerity bill to be voted at the Parliament today, Thursday.

PS waiting to see stranded tourists at the ports and airport of Attica….

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