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Parents beat parents at school feast for allowing presence of Pakistani community

Two parents punched and injured two members of the Parents Association at an elementary school in Sepolia, West Athens. Reason for the ‘anger outbreak’ was the fact that the Parents Association at the 144th Elementary School had allowed members of the Pakistani Community to help with the feast organization. The incident took place in front of other parents and pupils who had gathered for the event marking the conclusion of the school year.

The beaten parents, two fathers, were taken to the hospital, later filed lawsuits against the attackers.

It should be noted that with a decision by the Municipality of Athens, the specific elementary school offers Greek language lessons on Sundays to children of the Pakistani Community living in the area, since November 2017.

According to anti-racist movement KEERFA, the attackers had many times expressed their opposition that the Parents Association had accepted and supposed the Sunday classes for migrants’ children and also women.

The incident took place last Saturday.

The Ministry of Education condemned the attack saying “the poison of racism has not the slightest place in the school that has embraced migrants’ children.”

The Ministry said it fully supports the school director, the teaching personnel and the Parents Association, “who did the obvious and included the children in the event.”

thumbnail picture via KEERFA

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