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Strict security measures with FBI and CIA agents at Thessaloniki International Fair

FBI and CIA agents will be part of the draconian security measures during the 83rd International Fair of Thessaloniki where the USA is honored country. High-ranking members of the Trump administration will  inaugurate the Fair together with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, a strong presence of big American companies are participating in the Fair. At the same time, the flagship of the 6th Fleet, the command ship USS Mount Whitney will be docked at the port of the city in Northern Greece.

FBI agents were given the right to supervise business centers and cameras of the Greek Police, sources told media on Wednesday.

The same sources said that throughout the duration of the Fair, agents from the CIA and the FBI will be positioned in every corner of the city.

More than 5,000 Greek policemen and 60 riot police squads are expected to participate in the security measures. They are deployed also form other cities including Athens.

Hundreds of blue, red and white stars in the colors of the US flag decorate the streets of Thessaloniki.

The US government will be represented by Trade Secretary Wilburn Ross – and not by Vice President Mike Pence as it was rumored.

The USA is honored country of the 83rd International Fair and large business companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Lockheed Martin have already started to set up their stands.

At a meeting the Greek Police decided that the measures would be strict and to prevent any possible protest incidents before they are launched. FBI and CIA officers participated in these meeting efsyn reports.

Besides protesting trade unions and anarchists, this year the police has also to face and the protests of the “Pan-Macedonian Unions” against the Prespes – Macedonia Agreement between Greece and FYROM.

The Macedonian Unions have called for a protest in downtown Thessaloniki scheduled for 7 o’ clock Saturday afternoon, during the speech of prime minister Alexis Tsipras at the Fair.  Tsipras

The 83rd International Fair is expected to be the largest in the last twenty years with the participation of 1,500 exhibitors. The number of visitors is expected to break last year’s record with 264,000 visitors.

The International Fair opens its gates on September 8th and lasts until September 16th 2018.

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