Thursday , May 23 2019
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Turkish Defense Ministry “annexes” whole Cyprus on military exercise poster

Turkey’s Defense Ministry claims to have “annexed” the whole Cyprus. In a poster of the Mavi Vatan military exercise, not only the occupied North is marked red as Turkey is but the whole island state.

The map was posted by the Turkish Defense Ministry account on Twitter late on Wednesday, when it announced the start of the “Blue Homeland-2019 military exercise” in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea.

The poster appears just hours before Cyprus and Exxon Mobil announce the results of the drilling for oil and natural gas reserves in the area.

Coincidence? I don’t think so…

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is furious that Turkey has been excluded from the energy cooperation between Cyprus, Israel, Greece and Egypt. Furthermore he claims that he has the right on 50-50 share of the natural reserves found in the sea area of Cyprus.

Too bad is that he can claim this right once Turkey stops to illegally occupy the North of Cyprus and a solution is found between the two communities on the island.

Provocation? Rather a wet dreams fantasy of simple-minded Turkish soldiers.

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