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“Agathonisi is Turkish island under illegal Greek occupation” claims Ankara

Turkey has …lost it. Trying to find an excuse for the inexcusable it claims that Greek prime Minister Alexis Tsipras flew to a Turkish island Agathonisi on Monday and therefore its fighter jets harassed his helicopter.

The official Turkish position on the unprecedented incident is that “there was no harassment.” Citing sources of the Turkish Armed Forces, news agency Anadolu writes “the Turkish fighter jets did their duty.”

The majority of media in the country claim that Agathonisi is a Turkish island. Furthermore, they dare claim that the Greek prime Minister lied about the harassment.

Daily Soczu: “Agathonisis is not a Greek but a Turkish island. The Greek prime minister went to a Turkish island that belongs to the prefecture of Aydin. Agathonissi is under illegal Greek occupation.”

Daily Aksam: “Immediate response to the lie of Tsipras.”

The Chinook helicopter transferring Tsipras, ministers and other high-ranking government to Agathonisi on Monday was harassed by a pair of Turkish F-16 that forced to fly at low altitude and do some maneuvers.  They were intercepted by Greek fight jets.

Tsipras revealed the incident while on the remote island in the north Dodecanse where he went to attend the parade on the national day.

Ankara did not stop on one violation of Greek airspace but conducted a total of 47 violations of FIR Athens on a single day and thus on a national holiday.

Apparently for the Erdogna regime the memorandum between the two countries to respect each other’s national days is just a piece of old paper.

The Greek Foreign Ministry prepares a verbal note to Turkey.

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