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Migrants flock to Greek-Turkish border following false “open border” campaign

Migrants in Turkey continue to flock to the borders to Greece following false rumors that Ankara has opened the borders and would allow them to go through.

By train and bus, they move to the province of Edirne, in North-West Turkey, which borders to neighboring Greece.

Turkish security forces have already detained more than 2,000 migrants in the last five days.

Police and gendarme forces have tightened security measures near the border to prevent the influx of migrants.

The move of migrants in Turkey started last Thursday, at the same time asylum-seekers and migrants in Greece started to move to the North, setting up a makeshift settlement outside the regular accommodation center in Diavata.

They had followed similar false rumors claiming that North Macedonia would open its border and allow them to go through and from there to Germany.

In Greece, they launched violent protests when police made clear that they no borders would be open and they had to go back.

With great efforts, Greek authorities managed to convince them that their venture was in vain. On Monday the settlement was cleared and the migrants and asylum-seekers had reportedly returned to the accommodation facilities.

Many said that they had received sms messages telling them the Greek border was open and they could cross without documents and visas. The sender claimed to represent an NGO.

But who has spread these false rumors via the social media?

Greece’s Migration Policy Minister Dimitris Vitsas suggested that an international human trafficking ring operating in Greece and Turkey was responsible for inciting the incidents at the Diavata refugee camp.

“The Diavata case has now ended and was concluded in two days in the best way, ” Vitsa said on Monday.

He pointed out that “the people have returned to the reception facilities. They were victims of disinformation. There is no question of them losing their privileges if they respect our country. The only source of truth is the Greek state and UNHCR

“Trafficking interests operating in Greece and in Turkey are behind the Diavata story,” Vitsa said adding “these are international rings, international criminal gangs and if we trawl the internet we will find a server, possibly on some another continent, in America or in Asia, or in some other European country.” 

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