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Athens Municipality bans Golden Dawn from holding election rallies in public spaces

With an overwhelming majority the Athens Municipality Council approved the recommendation by Mayor Giorgos Kaminis to ban far-right Golden Dawn from holding rallies for the European and Municipality elections in public spaces.

“We will not give Golden Dawn any public spaces for pre-election campaigns because it operates like a criminal organization,” Kaminis said.

‘Hate speech that introduces discrimination on grounds of race, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation moved outside the law boundaries,” the Athens Mayor added.

Kaminis stressed that “the right for the freedom of speech is not boundless, whether for private individuals or political parties.”

Golden Dawn reacted with anger, spoke of “fascist,” “antidemocratic” and “criminal” decision and threatened to file lawsuits against the members of the city council.

The trial against Golden Dawn is still pending after four years.

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  1. ‘hate speech’ laws are themselves one of the worst violations of human rights in our modern age. Any politician who supports the idea of punishing and restricting free speech, regardless of what is being said or by whom, is himself a criminal against humanity. The mayor and the municipal council ought to be removed from office for abuse of power. Of course, they wont remove themselves from office, so it’s just one more mechanism of power being used to silence a voice that disagrees with those in power.
    shame on them.

  2. This measure is counter-productive and will probably increase GD’s share of the vote. What about the white shoe boys’ “criminal organization” of banksters in the New Democracy party?

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