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Swimmer drowned, sunbather injured when storm strikes West Greece

One swimmer was drowned and a sunbather was injured when a storm suddenly stroke the regions of Patras and Nafpaktos in West Greece.

Sunday was sunny with high temperatures and promising as thousands of Greeks spent the day at the sea shores also taking advantage of the bank holiday on Monday.

However, the weather suddenly changed in the afternoon, a storm stroke with tragic end.

A 31-year-old man was initially reported as missing from the beach of Kato Vassiliki by Nafpaktos. The man had seen that his boat was been sweeping away by the strong wind  and jumped in the water. Beach goers saw him swimming towards the boat, but he disappeared in the rough sea, reports local media nafpaktianews.

A search and rescue operation was immediately launched with many fishing boats from the village and vessels of the Coast Guard to participate. About an hour later, the man was spotted in the water unconscious.  Efforts to revive him were in vain.

A bystander shot a video  shockingly showing the man struggling to reach his boat.

The storm was of short duration but strong enough to take a life.

When the storm stroke, sunbathers and swimmers started to get their things together and run away from the beaches on both sides of the Gulf of Corinth.

Swept away by the strong wind a sun umbrella hit a beach goer in Kato Achaia by the city of Patras. An ambulance transferred the injured to the nearest health center.

According to local media thebest, injured were people also in two traffic accidents due to heavy traffic in the area.

The Storm moves over the Rio-Antirio Bridge.

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