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Shocking video: Man drowns as he swims to save his boat amid storm

A young man swam to his death when he tried to reach his boat swept away by strong winds as a storm was coming in. The 31 year-old man was on a weekend trip to a beach by Nafpaktos, West Greece, enjoying the sun and the high temperatures on Sunday.

The weather suddenly changed, a storm was coming in and wind started to blow.

The man saw his boat been carrying away from the bay of Kato Vassiliki into the open sea. He jumped into the water and started to swim to save his boat.

A race against nature, the sea and the wind. A race in vain. People at the beach saw him struggling with the water, someone shot a video.

When he suddenly disappeared his friend at the beach called for help.

A search and rescue operation was immediately launched with several fishing boats from the village and vessels of the Coast Guard.

About an hour later, the man was spotted in the water unconscious. He was found around 150 meters off from the rocks.

Efforts to revive him were in vain.

A young man lost his life for taking a risk he should not.

He was living in Patras, on the other side of the Gulf of Corinth where he lost his life.

He was a known DJ in the city.

Swimmer drowned, sunbather injured when storm strikes Western Greece

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