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Lesvos: Head of Moria hot spot submits his resignation

The head of the hot spot of Moria on the island of Lesvos submitted his resignation to the political leadership of the Ministry for Citizens’ Protection on Wednesday afternoon.

Citing personal reasons, the Manager of the Reception and Identification Center, Ioannis Balbakakis said that he was “tired” and he had to go.

“I leave with my head up at doing what I needed to do in difficult situations. I am neither leaving as a thief nor leaving as a protesting politician. I’m leaving because I have to leave. I’m tired … ” Balbakakis told the Greek state-run news agency.

He was running the overcrowded hot spot of Moria for the last three years. He reportedly has done his utmost to address the serious crises that often broke out in the overcrowded centers for migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers.

During his tenure and despite the international negative criticism, he reportedly helped create “safe zones” for the protection of unaccompanied minor refugees, women traveling alone and single parent families with children.

He also contributed to the connection of the sewage system of the camp to the one of the biological treatment of Mytilene.

Significant was contribution to the compensation of property owners in the wider area of ​​the Moria hot spot, properties that were often occupied by asylum seekers.

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  1. So sorry that there are not enough resources to support the proper management of this dire and ongoing situation. This gentleman tried and is to be thanked for his efforts.
    Nevertheless, the Greek government should the problem take seriously and act appropriately to enlist the help of global entities to provide what is needed for ensuring safety and removing the mounds of trash. This is shameful for the lack of humanity for the refugees who have endured so much and are now living with filth and uncertainty each day.

  2. You can go visit. It is not quite as dire as painted. And if 45 or 30 or 120 people showed up on your doorstep every few days, would YOU be able to conjure up instant housing, bedding, sanitary facilities? How would you deal i wonder with the communicable diseases, heroin and arms smuggling, not to mention identification and false passports? the knife fights between warring nationalities? How would you evaluate the migrants that are NOT coming from war zones but peaceful countries? And finally why do you assume that Greece has NOT endlessly appealed for help from Greece’s Dear Friend the EU to rather deaf ears….CNN? If you visit Lesvos you will see migrants spending from their Soros Mastercards [yes, check that out], enjoying ice cream, taking taxis, the children going to school….