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Fines €100-€10,000 for smokers & businesses violating smoking ban

One day before the Smoking Ban official goes into effect in Greece on November 19, 2019, the Health Ministry published in the Official Gazette the full price list of fine for those violating the Law.

The fines range from 100 to 10,000 euros and will be charged on smokers as well as on businesses as well as managers of public facilities violating the Smoking Ban.

The minimum fine of 50 euros for smokers, valid since 2010, will burn the fingers of those holding cigarettes as it increases to 100 euros. It will be implemented to smokers in private and public enclosed places like public workplaces, public services waiting lounges, hospitals, schools and universities,  all public transport means, port and passengers stations, with the exception of places specially designed for smokers in airports. A fine of 500 euros will be imposed to the managers of the places where the smoking violation takes place.

This fine increases to 200 euros for those smoking in places where minors gather, such as kindergartens, schools, playgrounds etc.

A fine of 1,500 euros will be implemented to any smoking driver or passenger of a car where minors under 12 are present. occupied by minors under 12 years of age. the fine increases to 3,000 euros, if it is a public vehicle. In addition, drivers’ license will be revoked for one month.

Owners of restaurants, bar, cafeterias etc where the law has been violated will be called to pa heavy fines depending on the size of the facility

500 euros when the facility is up to 100 sq.m.

For facilities over 100 sq.m. the fine starts at 2,000 euros and will increase by 2,000 euros for every time the owner is caught to violate the Law. By the fifth time, the fine will be 10,000 euros and the definite revocation of its operation license.

For nightclubs and dining areas larger than 300sq.m. fines for facility managers start at 6,000 euros and increase by 1,000 for each repeat offense.

On Sunday, Health Minister, Vassilis Kikilias, announced the launching of an information campaign within the week as well as the activation of phone line <1142> where people can denounce  their complaints about violations of the smoking ban. Complaints have to be eponymous, though, and not anonymous.

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