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Resistance Fighter Manolis Glezos, 97, hospitalized in serious condition

Legendary WWII Resistance fighter Manolis Glezos has been hospitalized in critical condition in an Athens hospital. The 97-year-old was admitted to the hospital three days ago for a neurological problem. He was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma in the brain.

He was transferred to the cardiology department of the hospital due to his previous heart condition and in increased care unit due to his age. There are media reports that he also suffers from acute respiratory failure.

Doctors describe his condition “serious but stable.”

SYRIZA MP and former Parliament Nikos Voutsis who visited Glezos in the hospital on Thursday reportedly spoke with him.

Veteran antifascist and politician Manolis Glezos is an icon in Greece, especially for the Left. He was imprisoned and tortured both by the Nazis during the country’s occupation and the Greek military junta.

He gained international fame after together with co-fighter Apostolos Santas took down down the swastika-flag from the Acropolis on n 30. May 1941.

*A subdural hematoma is a collection of blood outside the brain. Subdural hematomas are usually caused by severe head injuries. The bleeding and increased pressure on the brain from a subdural hematoma can be life-threatening.

PS And I was wondering last weekend, why he did not pay his respect to Polytechnio he did in November 2017.

Alone in the rain, resistance fighter Manolis Glezos honors the dead of 1973 Students’ Uprising.

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