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Kozani: Why waste tonnes of asphalt for a few holes?

A patchwork road in Kozani, West Macedonia in northern Greece. Instead of fully covering the damaged road, local authorities apparently think a “better a bit of asphalt everywhere than no asphalt at all in some roads.”

The patchwork design has be implemented on two roads of the area, a reader of local media, complained, and submitted the relevant pictures.

The local man wrote that this is the current practice by the municipality in order to meet as many as possible requests for improving the road network.

Some asphalt patches seem to have been laid with amazing precision, others did not. The “artist” of Kozani municipality workers was obviously bored or the holes on the road were difficult to tame.

The problem is that due to the weather conditions and rough winters in the area, the patches will soon be damaged and new holes will appear, the local noted in his letter to kozanilife.

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