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Heatwave Athens: Thermal cameras record 84°C on car top

Temperatures of over 80 degrees Celsius in parked cars in Athens have been detected by thermal cameras as the heatwave “Cleon” peaks over the , with maximum temperatures reaching up to 42-43 degrees Celsius in places. Images taken with thermal cameras and drone and uploaded by EnternityGR on Facebook place …

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Kozani: Why waste tonnes of asphalt for a few holes?

A patchwork road in Kozani, West Macedonia in northern Greece. Instead of fully covering the damaged road, local authorities apparently think a “better a bit of asphalt everywhere than no asphalt at all in some roads.” The patchwork design has be implemented on two roads of the area, a reader …

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Big subsidence on Mesogeion Ave, one of Athens main roads (video)

A huge hole appeared on Mesogeion Avenue one of the main roads of Athens linking the city center to the suburbs in North-West. The asphalted ground reportedly sank in a dept of  two meters. The subsidence occurred on Mesogeion Street in the height of Zagoras street in Ambelokipoi district of …

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Greeks cooking eggs in the sun as heat wave strikes with 45C (videos)

The cooking hit of Friday: save energy, fry eggs using natural heat produced by the sun. Directly by the sun. No need for photovoltaic installations and other forms of energy saving that are expensive in the short-term even though cheap in the long-term. Highest temperatures recorded on June 30 2017 …

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Rethymnon: Epic Asphalting goes Viral (pictures)

Residents on Marouli street in the town of Rethymnon were stunned to see the very original way municipality workers laid a new asphalt carpet outside their homes and shops. They did not bothered much about the parked vehicles and the garbage bins.They just did the job they were assigned to …

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