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Greece Lockdown: How do I get a Home Exit Pass? For Work & Activities

The Greek government has announced two ways through which every citizen can obtain a PASS for outdoors movement during the total lockdown.

Certificates can be obtained 1) via a download from a special website set up by the government or 2) through an sms.

Of course, solution 1) provides that citizens have a printer and b) that they have a mobile phone.

At any case, a citizen has always to have the filled form or mobile with sms response and ID or Passport.

Please, note that the forms/Exit pass is mandatory otherwise there is a fine of 150 euros.

The Work form has to be filled once, while for all other activities a new registration is due every time a citizen has to go out.

Certificates are in two categories and a third if access to website not possible

A) Pass for Work

KTG understands that also the employer must fill or sign some declaration for the employee.

Self-employed fill it by themselves.

If one works outside the city of the permanent residence, the employee has to have two certificates: Type A Certificate and Type B Certificate..

B) for other activities (purchases, doctor, etc)

B1 to B6 correspond to the category I list below in the sms section.

According to the Civil Protection, it is also possible to complete a C) handwritten form in case the site is not accessible. The handwritten certificate must have the following information:

First name – Last name
Reason for moving within the permitted categories ( see below) and destination address
Date, Time, signature

SMS solution

You send an sms – free of charge – to special number <13033>.

The citizen has to write:

<X blank First name blank Last name blank  Address>

Where X is the number of category

1  Go to a pharmacy or visit a doctor, if this is recommended after contact.
2  Moving to an essentials supply store, where they cannot be delivered
3  Go to the bank, as long as electronic transaction is not possible.
Movement to help people in need.
5 Going to a ceremony (eg funeral, marriage, baptism) under the conditions provided by law or moving to a divorced parent or parent who is necessary to ensure the communication of parents and children, in accordance with the applicable provisions .
6 Exercise outdoors or moving with a pet, individually or with another person; in the latter case keeping the necessary distance of 1.5 meters.

So if you want to walk your dog, you write example:

<6 Donald Trump WhiteHouse780>

You will receive a message <Movement 6 Donald Trump whiteHouse780>

In case of control you show this message and your ID or Passport

The forms you can print are in special website

You can also download the forms at mayors’ federation

The announcement about the total lockdown still needs some clarifications – KTG is working on a relevant post about what is allowed and what it’s not.

PS We have asked by the Ministry for Digital Policy whether/when these forms will be also in English.

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  1. Thank you so much, your work is so important for English speaking people in Greece.

  2. Weddings and baptisms are essential activities?! Greeks have very strange priorities, as shown by Tsiodras thinking that going to church is more important than obeying the law or keeping healthy.

    And I notice that there is still no definitive list of essential businesses that can remain open. The metro — the obviously most likely place to contract a virus — remains open, along with buses and taxis…But it is a problem for people to walk on the streets, so they need a document to approve it?

    Come on, this is Greek malakies. Italy and Spain are not doing this.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      see our next post about businesses open.

    • @Fritz Berger

      The f is wrong with you? Keep up with the news, they have said several times what stays open. The one about the τελετές is because of the funerals. You know, people dying? The churches are closed, the city halls are understaffed, who on earth gets married? It was an example of ceremonies.
      Metro stops at 22:00. Btw, the metro is f spotless and it’s up to the commuters to be careful eitherway. You want someone to hold your hand through this process apparently (the irony). Not all taxis work, do you need thousands of taxis for a few people that will need them? Use your head.

      Italy and Spain reacted slower than us. Get your facts right. And this whole lockdown is a copy paste of the one they have in Italy and China! (In Italy things get worse as they even check ..your groceries to see if you pointessly go out to buy snacks instead of essentials, that comes from fellow Italians who have experienced this and keep warning people like your sorry a55 online for weeks now!)

  3. Dave van de Gevel

    I would echo Ekaterina’s comments that English translations are vitally important where there is a significant community of English-speaking ex-pats, such as our island of Zakynthos(possibly 10%). We wish to abide by the laws of the country but can only do so if we understand what they are.I can only apologise for not being able to read/speak fluent Greek but, in my days at school, we were only taught French & German but I try my best to put this right.
    Please help us to help you in these difficult times.
    A Philhellene on Zakynthos.

    • I share your thoughts, Dave. I, too, am trying to learn Greek however it’s rather doubtful that I will achieve fluency in a single life time.

  4. I’m so grateful I found your site. I’ve only lived in Greece a number of months and I’m taking lessons but I’m no where near fluent enough to understand what I’m meant to do. So thank you so so much.
    If anyone is reading this I have a zeniθ gas account and it’s due on the 30th I’ve tried the last few days at the post office but it’s been busy and I’ve not wanted to be in crowds. Does anyone know if I can pay by electronic bank? I have the account number but as the website is in Greek I just can’t work it out. I want to pay my bill and not be late.
    Any help would be gratefully received. Stay healthy everyone ❤️

    • High Yield Consultant

      Hey Kris … I’ve lived in Athens over 2 years and still haven’t mastered much Greek … fortunately many of the brilliant Greek people speak English … regarding any utility issue, you just have to tough it out and wait in queue, fortunately many will quit the line as you wait so it often looks worse than it is … unfortunately, I am a computer guy and electronic bill paying is generally impossible … good luck!

  5. I’m just a stranded tourist.

    Unfortunately, the SMS-destination phone number does not work from a non-Greek mobile number.

    So it’s hand-written notes as I do not have a printer and do not read or write Greek.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      interesting tip on non-GR mobiles. thanks.

      • Yeah – hope that the cops can read/understand english when you get controlled X-(
        Sorry to say that, but this order is something that is understandable but, as usual, very ill conceived and not well-thought-out.
        Let’s hope that somebody reads this and take some actions – to be honest iI don’t believe it …..

        • Isabella Ann Turley Panayotonacou

          The measures are better thought than most of the European countries. You are in Greece, learn a little Greek and just respect the measure and forget the negative comments. You can also contact the virus….

  6. You lost me with the dog walking example. Could you clarify that?

  7. High Yield Consultant

    I just found your site today in looking for Greek news in English. My wife and I are permanent residents and have greatly enjoyed our time in Athens. It is great to have this Keep Talking Greece venue to express an opinion.

    The “lockdown” in effect today is very similar to the lockdowns in other nations. Up until today we were using the metro to travel out of the city center to get us to a different neighborhood for our walking/exercise. We don’t think it will be too difficult to now restrict this walking/exercise to only when we go to the supermarket.

    Let us hope we are finished with the COVID-19 quickly and all can resume their normal lives in Greece.

  8. Dear Keep Talking Greece!
    First, THANK YOU for your extremely valuable inofrmation in English. Do you have information about what the self-employed who must leave home for their work should do about this form? Can they fill it out themselves (since they are in fact their own employer?) Would be grateful for any tips on that one – though I realize – like we all should, that the situation is changing all the time.

    My husband and I are both expats living in a remote part of Crete. (He’s German, I’m American.) Hope everyone is staying as calm as possible, trying to be kind, and above alll, following the best advice possible: We stay at home! Yiammas to all from Crete’s southern coast.

  9. KTG. Thanks for all the work and information.