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Torrential rains flood Skiathos, Evia, heavy snowfalls in Halkidiki (videos)

Roads were flooded, homes and shops came under water, streams and rivers were overflowed and mountains were covered with snow, when the barometric low hit central and northern Greece with heavy rainfalls and dense snow falls. Especially hit by the bad weather front are the island of Skiathos, Sithonia Halkidiki and Trikala in central Greece.


According to local media, the mayor of Skiathos asks the Regional government to declare “state of emergency” due to extensive damages the rainstorm caused on the island.


Rescue teams are trying to remove people trapped in their homes after torrential rains overflowed rivers and streams and flooded large areas.

Most hit by the bad weather front are the areas Kymi and Aliveri in central Evia.



“There are many fronts and we are trying to cope. We are making efforts in cooperation with the Fire Brigade to assist  farmers who are trapped while others cannot go to barns and check their animals,” deputy mayor of Sithonia, Vassilis Zisios told local media.

The north of Halkidiki peninsula was hit with heavy snowfalls.

More pictures in halkidikinews.


Torrential rainfalls in the last 48 hours have filled river Lithaios that crosses the city of Trikala, there is a danger for flooding phenomena, warns media trikalavoice.

On the mountains surrounding the city in Central Greece, heavy snowfalls have created landscapes as if in deepest winter and not in the middle of spring.


In Mikrokomi by Thessaloniki, a mother and her daughter were rescued after their vehicle was trapped in rushing waters.

Greece’s National Meteorological Service issued a red alert warning of extreme weather phenomena and gale force winds up to 10 Beaufort.

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