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Half Greece wakes up in the middle of a snow landscape (picts, video)

What if April nears its end… Half Greece woke up in the middle of a snow landscape on Thursday, April 23, 2020. As meteorologists have forecast, the barometric low brought not only rainfalls but also snow, locally dense.

In the mountainous areas of Karditsa, south-west Macedonia, snow started to fall already on Wednesday night. Thursday morning, the white blanket around the Lake Plastira had reached a height of 30 cm.

Snow fell also in the mountainous areas of Larissa in Central Greece.

Livadi, Elassonas via larissanet.

Dense snowfalls changed the landscape in Epirus, in western Greece, and had it look like Christmas in …spring.

In some areas temperature reached -3 degrees Celsius, while the average was at 0° C, notes local media epiruspost.

The barometric low has hit North and Central Greece with temperature drop, snow- and rainfalls and powerful north wind, while the South of the country records high temperature and Sahara dust due to strong south wind.

This is could be the last day of winter, though, as weather improvement is forecast as of Friday, April 24, 2020.

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