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Police officer off duty allegedly prevented arrest of protester

A police officer off duty has allegedly prevented the arrest of a hooded protester on Thursday during the demonstration against the bill to curb rights to public gatherings.

The Special Guards division of the Greek Police made a denouncement against their colleague and one Special Guard even filed a lawsuit against him.

According to the Union of Special Guards, the officer off duty prevented the arrest with the use of force.

The protester had attacked a police officer of the Police Action Group, the Guards said.

According to New Democracy MP Thanos Plevris, the police officer came out from the protest bloc of left-wing SYRIZA.

President of Special Guards Union, Vassilis Doumas, told also Skai TV that the officer “works for SYRIZA,” most likely in the sense that the man is assigned to duty at the main opposition party.

Some media reported that the police officer defended his action saying that the protester was an elderly man who did nothing to justified the arrest.

Six officers were injured – and probably also several protesters – during the clashes outside the Palriament on Thursday evening.

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