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126 new coronavirus cases, 1 more death, increase in intubated patients

Greece’s health authorities announced 126 new confirmed coronavirus case and one more death on Monday evening. Even though the daily rate decreased compared to Sunday’s top record of 203 new cases, the number of intubated patients has increased to 24 from 22 a day earlier. An epidemiologist told Alph aTV that ten days ago, the number of intubated was 7.

Number of total infections stands at 5,749 since the beginning of the outbreak in late February and at 1,289 since August 1.

Coronavirus-related death toll increased to 213, after a woman died in a hospital.

Due to the steady increase since last week, Greece imposed additional measures on Monday in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus. The measures include a mandatory negative molecular PCR tests for travelers from certain countries as well as restrictions in operation of restaurants and bars in specific regional units, most of them also touristic destinations. Unfortunately, the government did not limited further the number of guests at weddings that brought dozens of infections at a strike.

Again the majority of new cases has been detected among the domestic population, however, 36 of them were detected among travelers to the country.

One of the country’s top epidemiologists, Epidemiology Professor Nikos Sypsas said on Saturday, the pandemic marker Ro (Rt) is above 1. This means that one infected can transmit the virus to more than just one person. Speaking to Skai TV, Sypsas warned that that Rt is above 1 since July 20. “There is this dynamic, we can have multiple infections every day, and if this happens, we will have more intubations.”

New Cases – Geographic distribution: August 10

The new 126 cases in the last 24 hours have been detected:

10 at the entry points in Greece.

26 are “imported”: 17 of them detected among 38 migrants who arrived on Lesvos last week. They are in isolation in special facility. The remaining 9 are travelers in Greece who fell ill and sought health facilities to undergo a test that turned positive.

The remaining new cases are spread across the country in 18 regional units.

38 in Attica: at least half of them are close contacts to already confirmed case or have recently traveled within the country.

18 in Thessaloniki: more than the half are close contacts to already confirmed cases.

3 in Halkidiki – 2 of them are related to workers at a food procession factory

5 in Magnisia

Each 3 in Heraklio, Kastoria, Pella

Each 2 in Dodecanese, Corfu, Corinth, Trikala

Each 1 in Viotia, Ilia, Evros, Kavala, Preveza, Serres

General information August 10

According to the Health Ministry statement on Monday, the daily growth is 2.2%.

55% of the total of infected are men.

Of the total coronavirus cases, 1,473 (25.6%)  are related to travel abroad, 2,795 (48.6%) are related to an already known case. The rest are cases not related to travel or another known case or are still under investigation.

Average age of the infected in 49 with age range between 0 and 102.

The rolling average number of infections in the last 7 days is 147 from 73 last Monday, August 3.

Number of patients intubated in ICUs increased to 24. Among them are 6 women. Average age of the intubated patients is 63. Two of them are aged 18-39, EODY said on Saturday.

58.3% of intubated patients had underlying health issues and age over 70 years.

129 patients have been discharged from the ICUs since the beginning of the outbreak.

Number of coronavirus-related deaths increased to 213 in last 24 hours.

Among the deceased were 70 women. The average age of the deceased was 76 with range age between 35 and 102.

95.8% had underlying health issues and/or were over 70 years old.


Total coronavirus tests since the beginning of the outbreak in February is 658,178. Of them 7,365 (1.12%) were positive – among them are several tests conducted to one patient.

Of 7,180 tests in the last 24 hours (some 3,000 less than on Sunday), 1.55% were positive.

More information on coronavirus in Greece here.


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  1. It would be very helpful to specify the geographical spread in ATTIKA! Is is Athens and suburbs (which?), or Piraeus, the Attica coast communities with their beaches and entertainment centers, Salamis, Aigina etc?
    I live in Aigina and I‘m quite anxious 😟!