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Greece releases data on tourists “tested positive” July 1-August 16

Greece’s Civil Protection released on Tuesday data and statistics about “imported” coronavirus cases since the country opened its borders to tourists on July 1. According to statistics, the majority of “imported” cases came from Romania.

For the time July 1-August 16, a total of 2,592,853 people entered the country. 2,068,408 of them entered Greece via airports, 140,051 via ports and 384,394 via the land borders.

During the same period, ie from July 1 to August 16, a total of 319,379 COVID-19 tests have been performed.

Tested positive at entry points and for the same period were 615 people.

  • 364 at Airports
  • 17 at Ports Ports
  • 234 at Land borders

Top five countries whose citizens were tested positive:

  • Romania 88
  • Bulgaria  86
  • Serbia 80
  • Albania 63
  • Sweden 29

Of the total 615 confirmed coronavirus cases among tourists, active are 233. Non-active remaining in Greece are 73, while 303 have returned tot their countries.

According to Civil Protection, active in Attica 73, in Central Macedonia 18, East Macedonia & Thrace 4, Epirus 14, Thessaly 5, Ionian islands 17, Crete 27, South Aegean 57, West Greece 2, Sterea 8, Peloponnese 4, West Macedonia 2, North Aegean 2.

Those tested positive if they are not in need of medical help, they are transferred to quarantine hotels for 7 to 14 days.

More information on coronavirus in Greece here.

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  1. I can not understand how 88 from 615 could be a majority of cases from Romania ? In reality it means 14 %.
    Are greeks a really friends of romanians ?!

    • The same was said about Serbs at one moment. Then the Greek closed the borders for Serbs and other Balkan nations while they let the equally contagious Brits, Swedes, Germans, Dutch and Belgians in. Because they have more money to spend than the neighbors from the Balkans.

      • It is not fair! They had to say for each country, how many people were tested and the number of pozitive cases.

    • The Greek government does not understand statistics — which is a serious problem when they talk about the coronavirus data. This is why they misinterpret everything, and come to erroneous conclusions. Basically, all tourism brings the virus into Greece. They were told that some time ago, but keep lying about how it is some specific countries and anyway most of it is from Greeks in Greece !! LOL. They are total idiots, and liars to boot.

    • Not a majority, but most cases. The largest number are Romanian nationals. Nothing unfriendly about this.

  2. It is not fair! They had to say for each country, how many people were tested and the number of pozitive cases.

  3. On the scheduled press conference 3rd weej of Jult Mr. Hardalias announced that the number of infected tourists from Romania was 62 till July 21st(take note that Romanians come mostly by land border and they are allowed from June 15th).
    On July 15th it was imposed to romanians to present a negative Covid PCR test earlier than 72 hours if they want to entry in Greece.
    At least 50%of them are tested again at the Greeks gates.
    Given this facts is it ok to present the big picture blaming the Romanians?! Why the Greeks don:t make an exhausting effort to present the percentage of positive cases on tests run?!
    For Greece always been a matter of politics but the recent history tells us that their calculations were wrong.
    I am in Greece right now as a tourist… the foreigners are enchanted by the beauty of the islands but almost everyone from 7-8 EU ‘treated differently’ countries speaks about the feeling of being treated with a double standatd measure!
    Let’s see the coming years arrivals in Greece!

    • I agree with you, Ben. Greece has shown a very ugly face this year in its treatment of its customers – tourists. That is why I went to Turkey and had a great time.

  4. And how many Brits and Italians and Germans were positive? Have they even been tested? This is pure discrimination. Funny thing Serbs arent even allowed to travel to Greece for months and Italy that was and still is a corona hot spot is not on the list to see how many infected have crossed the border…

  5. I am Serbian, Although, I adore Greek people and everything related with this beautiful country, I am very much disappointment about the Greek government and their ridiculous and sometimes completely illogical decisions about the entering into the Country, especially for tourists coming from Serbia.
    Not to mention infamous treatment os Serbians on the Evia island.
    But, we will see next season, how many of us will go back to Greece to spend holiday! Not that many of us, for sure!