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Greece bans blood donations in 12 districts over Malaria

Twelve districts of Greece have banned blood donations because of malaria cases some of them to have been contracted domestically and the majority of them to be “imported.” Over the weekend, the Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) and the National Center for Blood Donation both issued blood …

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Two cases of mad cow disease in Central Greece; animals imported from the Netherlands

A farm in Fthiotida, central Greece, has been placed in quarantine after two cases of mad cow disease were discovered there, almost 13 years since the disease last appeared in Greece. The cases of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) were found in two dead cows that had been imported from the …

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Seven more Greek ‘beef’ products found with horse DNA; 2 imported from Holland & Romania

Greek Food Control Agency (EFET) order the withdrawal of seven meat products after testes proved they contained horse DNA. The products are salami, sausages, kebab and frozen meatballs, produced in Northern Greece and Crete or imported from the Netherlands ( company NL 687 EG* distributed via German DEMKA) and Romania (company LeFruMarine S.R.L.). As the products …

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Greece imported billions of euro in banknotes to avert bank run?

Greece’s central bank had allegedly  billions of euros of banknotes shipped in from other central banks abroad to avert a bank run during the country’s debt crisis as depositors withdrew their money,  newspaper To Vima reported on Sunday. The banknotes allegedly arrived to Athens per cargo airplanes, while employees at …

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