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New high in Greece: 65 new coronavirus cases, total reach 4,401

A new high in coronavirus infections on Thursday with Greece’s health authorities to have announced 65 new confirmed cases. The majority of the new cases have been detected at the country’s entry gates and among the crew of one tanker vessel.

The daily growth form Wendesday to Thursday is at 1.5%, the number of total infections has reached 4,401.

No new death in the last 48 hours, death toll remains at 203.

The constant increase of infections since last week have alerted epidemiologists in the country.

In an  extraordinary teleconference earlier today, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis gave the green light to epidemiologists to recommend and impose new restrictions if and when necessary.
In a new absurd measure, the Transport Ministry will fine passengers caught on board of public transport means that have exceeded the capacity limit of 65%.

Geographical distribution July 30

The new 65 new cases on Monday have been detected:

17  at the entry points in Greece.

17 more travellers voluntarily sought laboratories for Covid-19 test in the country after they developed some symptoms. They were tested positive. 16 of them are crew of a tanker currently moored off shore of the port of Piraeus. Infected crew members have reportedly mild symptoms and are in isolation on board of the tanker.

Attica tops again the list with 11 new confirmed cases.

The remaining new cases are according to prefecture & regional unit:

7 in Thessaloniki

3 in Kavala and 3 on the island of Corfu

2  in Achaia and 2 in Xanthi

Each one (1) is Viotia, Kozani and MAgnisia

General information July 30

According to the Health Ministry statement on Thursday, 54.6% of the total of infections affect men.

Of the total coronavirus cases, 1,250 (28.4%)  are related to travel abroad, 2,192(49.8%) are related to an already known case. The rest are cases not related to travel or another known case or are still under investigation.

Average age of the infected in 49 with age range between 0 and 102.

The rolling average number of infections in the last 7 days is 42 from 26 last Thursday, July 23.

Number of patients intubated in ICUs are 7. Among them is one woman. The average age of the intubated patients has decreased to 52 from 56 and 58 since the beginning of thew week. 71.4% of the intubated patients have underlying health issues or are over 70 years old.

128 patients have been discharged from the ICUs since the beginning of the outbreak.

Number of coronavirus-related deaths remains at 203.

Among the deceased were 66 women. The average age of the deceased was 76 with range age between 35 and 102.

96% had underlying health issues and/or were over 70 years old.


According to the Health Ministry on Wednesday, a total of 519,887 tests have been conducted since beginning of the year, 6,490 (1.4%) are positive. The data include several tests conducted on a single patient, as well.

Head  of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias announced earlier on Tuesday the number of tests conducted at the Greek entry points and the number of “imported” cases for the time period July 1-26, 2020.

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