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Erdogan: “Greece is sowing chaos in the region, has no right to issue NAVTEX”

Greece has no right to issue a navigational telex (NAVTEX) in the Eastern Mediterranean and is sowing chaos in the region, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed on Monday. just hours after Greece issued a counter NAVTEX and announced joint military exercises with foreign countries..

According to website ahval, the Turkish president’s remarks arrive hours after Greece said it would on Tuesday conduct a navy and air force exercise in the region, where Turkey is also prospecting for oil and gas, as tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean escalate in an ongoing dispute over offshore energy rights.

“Greece has issued a new NAVTEX like a spoiled brat. They have no right,’’ T24 news site cited Erdoğan as saying after a cabinet meeting.

“Greece has thrown itself into a new chaos that will not be able to get out of. Greece will be the only party responsible for any negative developments in the region, and the only actor who will be affected badly by it,” he added.

Erdogan also vowed that Turkey would not take a single step back with regards to the conflict in the disputed waters.

He also attacked Greece for harbouring “Turkey’s enemies,’’ as he accused Athens of “feeding terrorists,” in an apparent reference to Turkish asylum seekers who fled to the neighbouring country over accusations of links to the Gülen movement, a religious group Ankara accuses of orchestrating the 2016 coup attempt.

Furthermore, he accused also the EU of exercising double standards with regard to Turkey, which has effectively “spelled the end’’ of the bloc.

The Turkish president also broke his silence regarding controversial statements by Joe Biden, accusing him of playing a role in the failed coup attempt of 2016.

“They are not shy to state before cameras that they are contemplating to do through the opposition what they could not through a (failed) coup,’’ he said, referring to Biden’s remarks during an interview with the New York Times editorial team in December, which made headlines in Turkey earlier this month.

Biden said he would embolden the Turkish opposition to defeat Turkey’s strongman in the elections if he became president and called Erdoğan an “autocrat.” [source: ahval]

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  1. Dave van de Gevel

    Reccep Erdogan has a remarkably blinkered view of the world if he thinks anyone believes his claims of Greek aggression in the eastern Mediterranean. His tub-thumping attitude would be a joke if he wasn’t such a loose cannon. I wonder if he’s related to Bela-Russia’s Lukashenko? Both are tyrannical psychopaths.

  2. That’s right. Let’s drill hundreds of wells in the eastern Mediterranean so that the 0,1% can make more money, as they are so much in need of it. Will be great until the first accident à la Gulf of Mexico. Ask the fishermen in Louisiana and the Florida Panhandle if people are eating the fish, shrimp, etc. from the Gulf. Will be wonderful for the beaches in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and another nice present for Lebanon.