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Turkey announces Russian Navy exercises in East Mediterranean

Turkey apparently does not enjoy a party alone and invited a special guest: Russia. According to Turkish Navy, Russia will hold two naval exercises in the eastern Mediterranean beginning next week and for this purpose it has issued two Navtex to reserve sea areas in areas where Ankara is conducting also illegal seismic – read: hydrocarbon – surveys.

The move could fuel new tensions in the region especially with neighbors Greece and Cyprus.

The Russian navy will hold firing exercises with live ammunition; one is scheduled September 8-22 and one September 17-25.

According to the Turkish Navy’s Office of Navigation, Hydrography and Oceanography, the two exercises will take place south of the Greek island of Kastellorizo and off Cyprus’s Karpas peninsula.

Navtex number 1102/20 announced exercises for September 8-22 covering an area south of Kastellorizo where the Turkish seismic survey vessel Oruc Reis is currently active.

Navtex – number 1103/20 is for live-fire  exercises for September 17-25 off the coast of Cyprus in an area where Turkey’s Barbaros seismic survey vessel is active.

Nicosia has reportedly issued a counter-Navtex.

The Russian Navy exercises and the Turkish Navtex come after the US announced the partial and temporary lifting of a decades-old arms embargo to Cyprus. Ankara “warned” Washington that it would take “reciprocal measures to protect the right of Turkish Cypriots.”

According to media, there has been so far no confirmation or public statement from the Russian side on the planned exercises.

It is unclear whether Moscow intends to send a message of support for Ankara or it’s just a show off against the NATO.

PS Given the fact that the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is sailing in the region as well, it will soon be pretty much crowded in the area.

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  1. not unexpected.turks and russia been friendly for eons.also russia would like some control in the area.

    • Not really eons. Throughout history Turkey and Russia have fought 12 (Twelve!) different wars. Anyone who has any vision knows that the future lies in Asia and not in North America or in the subservient vassal, the EU. NATO will eventually fall apart. It’s not “defending” anyone, just exploiting many for the benefit of the military industrial complex. Couldn’t even defeat a few thousand Taliban.

  2. I wonder who will blink first !!

  3. Turkey…being in NATO too?
    Time to stop permitting Turkey running rings around NATO & EU. This is a power grab, hydrocarbons, land, sea.
    Placating an effective dictator and that dictator then associating with another dictator is a red line.
    Wake up everyone….this is getting stupid.

  4. And why do you think it is the US’s business to be fooling around in the eastern Mediterranean? The US has to eventually learn to mind its own business. Anyone who considers the US to be a model country is an uncultured fool. Just look at how they a messing themselves up, destroying their own economy and society for the cause of BS political correctness.

  5. What is Russia’s objective when Turkey already plays Russia under the protection of NATO with opposing interests in Libya and Syria.

    Is it in Russia’s interest to keep Turkey in NATO (given the US’ fear of Turkey falling into a Russian alliance)

    This is not a very positive development, especially if staged so Trump can flex some muscle to get reelected.

  6. Erdogan thinks in the same way as Galtieri, Hitler or Musolini : grabbing the land of others, going into war and focusing on ultra nationalism in the aim of unify his people behing his despot flag.
    The EU doesn’t need the green light from uncle Sam nor the one from Nato before taking measures against a
    feudal State that has allready stolen land from a little country.