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No student without a face mask in Greece’s schools, says ministerial decision

Students who do not wear a face mask will not be allowed to enter their classroom, according to information on the joint ministerial decision (JMD) that is currently being drafted by the government’s general secretariat.

The JMD fleshes out all the details about the new measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the new school year and offers legal cover to teachers who will have to implement those rules.

The issue, of course, is how teachers will handle those parents who vehemently reject the use of face coverings for their children.

Some parents in schools in the region of Attica have already submitted a request for the exception of their children from the mask rule. Some of them have even claimed in their request that the use of a face mask is part of an experiment “for biomedical purposes.”

According to the same information, the JMD does not foresee any special leave for vulnerable groups.

Those deemed vulnerable will be working from home, by telework or distance learning.

Hundreds of parents demonstrated in several Greek cities last Sunday against the compulsory use of masks in schools and were supported by far-right groups and religious zealots.

The majority of the parents were 30-40 years old. Apparently they have no parents and grandparents, are selfish to the bone, lack of reasonable education and believe all conspiracy theories, 5G- and space lizzards – crap.

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