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Six people evacuated from cut-off village Oxia in flooded Central Greece

Six people from the small village area of Oxia have been successfully airlifted to safety on Tuesday morning. Located on the mountains by Mouzaki, the village has been cut-off since Saturday after medicane Ianos struck the area causing extensive damage in the infrastructure.

Two helicopters of the Fire Service brought vulnerable people to safety. Among them were a pregnant woman and her 1.5-year-old daughter, her chronic ill mother and an elderly couple.

Relieved from the distress of the last days, the chronic ill who is also the village priest’s wife thanked the pilots and the rescue team offering them Turkish delight.

The operation to evacuate the resident of Oxia came after an initial attempt to fly them to safety failed on Monday. Rescuers were able to deliver only some parcels with food, water and medicine.

Another airlift to safety is scheduled for later today, however, many of the some 40 residents of the area do not want to leave.

There are plans to keep supplying them with aid parcels, as the water and electricity networks are broken.

The residents from several settlements around Oxia have reportedly sought refugee in a monastery after the disaster.

Mouzaki is one of the hardest hit areas in the region of Karditsa, central Greece.

According to posts on social media, there are also other villages that have been cut-off due to destruction caused by the storm.

Medicane Ianos struck on Saturday flooding over 5,000 houses and businesses, wiping out bridges and roads, leaving behind three dead and one missing and thousands without a proper home to live in.

More than 210,000 hectares agricultural land in the fertile Thessalian Plain remain under water on Tuesday.

In many areas the damaged water, power and telecommunications networks have not been restored yet as the collapsed infrastructure make it difficult.

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