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Armed Forces Day projection on Greek Parliament triggers strong reactions (video)

Greece marked the Armed Forces Day on November 21 with a video projected on the Hellenic Parliament facade on Saturday evening. The controversial video triggered reactions, several media described it as kitsch, and it was mocked on social media.

The video projection on the Armed Forces Day highlighted several battles in the Greek history. One of the projections had a religious theme with saints and church bells featuring Virgin Mary who is the patron of the Greek Armed Forces.

Among the projected historical battles was the Battle of Marathon, the Independent Revolution of 1821 and frigates of the Greek Navy apparently ready to meet the Turkish challenge.

Greeks in lockdown and closed in their homes after 9 o’clock at night found a cheerful way to spend a Saturday night. Dozens of posts on Twitter mocked the video projection.

“This is projected on Parliament the day the Turkish NAVTEX is 6 nautical miles off [the island of ] Ro.”

“In modern countries, separation between state and church has been concluded since years. Greek Parliament; Hold my beer.”

“Imagine you have a joint at Syntagma and you see this and you think man, am I stoned!

Older generations described the video as “creepy” then they recalled the times of military dictatorship and its main slogan “Homeland – Religion – Family.”

“The symbol of my teenage nightmare in parliament. The symbol of intolerance and fundamentalism. The symbol of SKASE, DO NOT SPEAK, the symbol of mafia and masculinity, the symbol of FEAR, the symbol of the deniers. The symbol of your rotten faith.”

“The logo of General Staff on Greek Palriament after ban on gatheirngs and movement. Happy 1967!” somebody wrote ironically.

Others found “inappropriate” the projection of “warmongering, national-christian kitsch” the day Covid-19 killed 108 people. “The names of the dead should be projected,” wrote an Twitter user.

Another one wrote:” With 108 dead, you project Virgin Mary on the Parliament, and you’ve fullfiled your duty as government.”

Responding to criticism, Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis told Skai TV on Sunday morning: “those who don’t like to see Vigrin Mary, they should drink some Holy Water.”

At least, one news website. Newspaper efsyn wrote “the junta kitsch came back with Mitsotakis.”

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  1. I think the people who made those comments need to feel a bit more patriotic and alot less decadent.