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Nurse with surname “Little God” gives Covid-vaccine to Bishop

A god-given coincidence? A nurse with surname Theoulis – Little God – gave the Bishop of Nafpaktos the Covid-19 vaccine on Sunday.

Speaking to media on Monday morning, Bishop of Nafpaktos and Agios Vlasios Ierotheors revealed the “incredible coincidence” as he said, that the name of the nurse who gave him the shot was Theoulis.

Bishop Ierotheos was inoculated on Sunday at Evangelismos hospital representing the Archbishop of Athens and whole Greece who could not receive the vaccine as he is still recovering from Covid-19.

Bishop Ierotheos was the first member of the clergy to receive the vaccine.

He said that he did not even feel the needle pick and that he had no side effects whatsoever.

Speaking to ANT1, the Bishop said “we are at war” and that that “medicine and theology are two different things.”

Greece launched the vaccination program on Sunday with members of the government and state officials to receive the jab in front of cameras. It was supposed to be a symbolic action to convince the citizens to join the program.

Vaccinations continue on Monday in five reference hospitals in Athens with health-workers to be on priority list.

Vaccines are also been transported to hospitals in four cities for the vaccination of health-workers in Patras, Thessaloniki, Ioannina and Larissa.

Health experts warn that vaccinations do not mean that the pandemic is over and people should abandon protection measures.

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  1. Why is a clergyman getting the vaccine?? Why is that dose not going to a doctor or nurse?! The elite comes first, I see, before those who have more need of it. What does a clergyman need with this tool of science and medicine anyway? Is he not praying hard enough? Does the holy communion not ACTUALLY work?! Hmmm. What a slap in the face to the medical professionals out there risking their lives to save others.

  2. Ridiculous that the Bishop should receive the vaccine ahead of his flock! This is the same Bishop who attacked the govt. for trying to stop the spread of the pandemic in April. I guess Hierotheos and hyprocrisy are synonyms.

  3. These frocks always get away with everything, but very soon their time will expire too when the consequences of abrupt climate change will ‘take care’ of us all, for which there will be no vaccine nor antidote. And then those frocks and all their disciples will finally understand that there exists no god, buddha, Mohammed or Krhisna who will to listen to their prayers…..

  4. I think it is hugely important that the Bishop got this vaccine and I applaud him for it (regardless of his previous statements on the pandemic)
    There are too many people in Greece who are Vaccine hesitant (in my family particularly) and cite various reasons for being like this. They watch the reactions of some priests and Bishops in Greece who are in total denial of the pandemic and feel “supported” in their views.
    The more influential people – Bishops, Heads of State, etc – take the vaccine publicly, the more it will help some people to put their fear aside and also take the vaccine.
    BRAVO to the Bishop.

    • You must be completely out of your mind to award those people to be influential. Unfortunately they are given that status by the ignorant majority but without deserving it, because they have done nothing in their entire life to contribute to a more tolerant and fair society, only taking care of their privileged positions and accumulated wealth at the expense of the poor and powerless. Albert Einstein couldn’t say it better when he uttered: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe!”

      • I completely agree with you Sisifos.
        But it is that “ignorant majority” that worries me. There is a large percentage of people (in Greece, but also abroad) who will not take the vaccine. This includes people in the hierarchy of the church. If our target is to achieve the golden number of people who must take the vaccine to provide protection to society, then I do not really care what it is that will influence these people to change their minds. If watching a Bishop taking a vaccine influences them to take one too, then I am ok with that.