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SMS Codes during lockdown and curfew in Greece: A reminder

A reminder of the SMS codes during lockdown and night curfew in Greece due to the pandemic. It is recalled that next to SMS to 13033, citizens can also have either a printed form or a handwritten. Note that this sms codes system works only with Greek mobile operators.

SMS to 13033:

x[space] first and last name and home/hotel address

Options for x:

Doctor/Pharmacy 1

Supermarket/other supplies 2

Bank/Public Services 3

Help a person in need 4

Funeral/Parental meeting with children 5

Exercise (up to 2 people, distance 1.5 meter) /Dog walking 6

As of January 11, 2021 (schools opening):

SMS code for parents to take their children to school  4

Codes not valid during the night curfew: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (exercise)

Dog walking with one or two persons during curfew is possible with 6, however, near the home only.

When sending an sms you receive an sms: Μετακίνηση* [space]x[space]name and address

Note that the SMS are free of charge.

Greek authorities extended the lockdown and the night curfew until 18. January 2021, there may be some partially lifting of restrictions after that date or not. There will be relevant announcements every Friday, the Greek Civil Protection has said.

*Μετακίνηση = Movement

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