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Snow weather front “Leandros” dresses parts of Greece white (vds, picts)

Snow weather front “Leandros” dressed white many regions in north and central Greece, parts of the Peloponnese and even the mountains surrounding the Attica basin and the northern suburbs of Athens. Temperatures dropped significantly. Some parts of the national Athens-Thessaloniki highway have been reportedly closed for heavy trucks since 5:45 a.m. Saturday morning.

Video: Snowfall in Kozani, western Macedonia, early Saturday morning

Traffic has been halted in the roads leading to the mountains of Parnitha, Hymettus and Penteli.

In several parts of the mainland, traffic is allowed only with snow chains.

Video: Trikala, central Greece

The snow fall cheered Greeks who remain at home due to the lockdown. They shot pictures and videos and uploaded them on social media.


Halikdiki, 100 m from the sea shore

Veria, western Macedonia

MAlakasa on the highway

Erythres, north Attica

Near Aigio, northern Peloponnese

Hadn’t it be for the lockdown that restricts movement, Greeks in big cities would have gone to the nearest mountains for snowball wars.

Meteorologists have warned of the snow weather that is forecast to last until Monday, January 18. They have also warned of heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms.

Latest snow Forecast for the next 12 hours.

After a short break on Sunday, snowfalls are expected again on Monday.

Temperatures have reached -8.9 degrees Celsius in western Macedonia and are forecast to reach -15 Celsius in the night from Saturday to Sunday, thus creating total frost.

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