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Stage director at National Theater Drama School resigns following students’ complaints

Stage director at the Drama School of the Greek National Theater, Stathis Livathinos, submitted his resignation on Tuesday, citing irreconcilable differences with the students..

The resignation followed complaints by students of the Drama School who accused him of “authoritarian behavior, derogatory and homophobic comments and discrimination,” media reported. The students had gone public with an open letter on February 13.

Addressing the students, Livathinos said in a letter that “after your latest refusal to work with me even for even two hours a week, in order to complete your studies in these difficult times we are going through, there is nothing left for me to do but say goodbye to you.”

He added “I apologize again if I may have hurt any of you – any sternness on my part concealed nothing more than my care and concern that you are properly equipped for your future career in theater.”

In a statement the National Theater pointed out that “despite the initiatives taken by the director of the Drama School of the National Theater, unfortunately it was not possible to cure the discrepancy that arose during the teaching process and to restore a climate of cooperation and understanding between Professor Stathis Livathinos and the students of the School.”

The reputation of Greece’s National Theater is currently suffering from the arrest of its now former artistic director Dimitris Lignadis, in custody for the sexual abuse of two underage boys.

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One comment

  1. What’s the betting these students are typical non-binary snowflakes that the real world of WORK hasn’t touched yet.
    Strict discipline is the only way to bring out the best in a bunch of no-hoper hopefuls.
    Young whipper-snappers need strong guidance – either to become great, or also-rans.
    With a gutless compliant teacher, we can now all look forward to second-rate amateurs posing as professionals.