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Police officer who beat citizen suspended while investigation continues

The police officer who beat a citizen during routine lockdown checks on Sunday has been suspended, media report on Wednesday.

Citing Greek Police sources, state-run news agency amna notes that the administrative internal investigation on the incident continues and is expanded also into the other policemen who were watching their colleague beating the citizen without intervening.
Several videos recorded by citizens standing by, the victim was calmly speaking  with policemen when the now suspended  officer approached him and started beating him with a baton.

The incident in Nea Smyrni suburb of south Athens prompted an public and political outrage.

Over 5,000 people marched through the densely populated residential area on Tuesday evening to protest an increased police violence.

The initially peaceful protest to which also local residents took part, however, ended in clashes with police, where one officer was seriously injured in the head.

Police arrested 16 people, among them are also hooligans from local and other sports clubs, Skai TV reported.

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