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Sending SMS to leave home ends on May 14, says Greek Minister

The obligation to send a text message (SMS) before leaving home during the pandemic will end as of May 15, Development & Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis told Skai TV on Sunday.

The system providing a choice of one of six reasons, sent to a five-digit number (13033) before leaving home, was first introduced in 2020 to restrict the spread of infection last year.

Georgiadis also said that the picking up e-orders in person at most retailers by appointment (click away) and setting up appointments to shop in person at retailers (click in shop) will also end on May 14.

Further details will be released this coming week, he said, as the country prepares to officially open to incoming tourism on May 15.

Other changes will be extending circulation hours and allowing people to travel between prefectures, which is still banned, with exceptions.

In similar statements to national broadcaster ERT TV, Georgiadis said that indoor seating at food places is likely to restart early in June, depending on progress in vaccinations.

As he noted this past week, gyms and outdoor sports facilities including pools are expected to open on May 17 “if all goes well”, but initially only to people who are vaccinated. Their full reopening is scheduled for June 17.

In addition, the government plans to provide financial support for gyms and children’s private playrooms.


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  1. Did anyone understand if we will finally be able to move between prefectures freely from May 15?
    I read before that some proof of vaccination or negative Covid test would be necessary?
    So what will it be?

    • If you are a tourist you can probably do whatever you like but if you live here you probably can,t.