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Two more mafia-style shootings with two dead in less than 24 hours

A 39-year-old man was shot dead on Monday morning, in the second mafia-style shooting in broader Athens in less than 24 hours. He was shot several times in the middle of the road as he was heading to a gym in Vari, south-eastern Athens.

The victim was a retired boxer. Citing police sources, media report that the man from Patras had a criminal record and that he was also winner of a popular TV game once.

The perpetrators used an expensive car to approach the victim who died on the spot.

Sunday afternoon, another man was shot dead in Sepolia, western Athens.

The 32-year-old Albanian national was shot with 8 bullets in the head.
The victim was sitting in a cafeteria where also others were enjoying their coffee.
The perpetrator reportedly shot the victim from the sidewalk, wore a hat and a face mask, and left the scene with a taxi.
Also this victim had a criminal record and he had escaped two assassination attempts in the past. He used to wear a bullet proof vest.

The two shootings are the latest murders in a series of mafia-style attacks, four in May alone, that police evaluates as on-going gangland feuds. No assassin  has been arrested so far.Beginning of the month, a businessman was assassinated on the island of Zakynthos, two weeks later a boxer/football player in Metamorfosi, Attica.

Apparently in an effort to justify “failure” police sources told state broadcaster ERT said that there is “omerta” among gang members, many are afraid to speak, and therefore, no arrests.

However, neither two other prominent murder cases have been solved. Beginning of April, journalist Giogos Karaivaz was gunned down outside his home in south Athens in the middle of the day, while a month later, British-born young mother Caroline was killed inside the family’s home in what it seems a robbery case.

Assassinations seem to have taken uncontrollable proportions recently despite the the massive hiring of “special guards” by Greek Police.

The underworld seems to fear nothing and no one and gang members shoot down their foes in daylight as it’s not Greece but Colombia.

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  1. Good point. So many extra police have been employed in the last year, but almost solely for policing coronavirus violations.

    I don’t have any faith in the police force to solve these crimes. Either they are incompetent, dirty, or afraid, or some combination of these features.