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Greece activates platform for EU Digital Green Certificate Covid-19

Greece activated on Tuesday, June 1, the online platform for the EU Digital Green Certificate Covid-19 where citizens can obtain a confirmation that they have been either vaccinated against the coronavirus or have been tested negative with PCR test or they have recovered from Covid-19.

The aim of the Certificate Covid-19 is to facilitate the safe free movement of citizens within the EU during the pandemic. Before the Certificate is activated by all EU member states on July 1, it could be used between a few countries like Germany, Greece, Denmark, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic in June on pilot program basis.

Greek citizens can obtain the official website and issue the green pass using their personal passwords to Taxisnet and their social security number AMKA. The certificate can be printed or be in digital form with QR code.

Greece is part of the first wave of countries that activate the European Covid Certificate from Tuesday, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said adding that ‘it declares our readiness for a safer and freer summer.”

He stressed that “Greece is at the forefront of this important digital tool.”

KTG would appreciate feedback by foreign nationals who live in Greece, whether they were able to obtain the EU Digital Certificate.

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  1. What about my friends who had a temporary amka and do not have a taxis account? They cannot get proof of their vaccination? I hope it also works for the people with temprary amkas who do have a taxis net account?

  2. This option is not available for foreigners. I got my vaccination, I have AMKA but I don’t have Greek passport or ταυτότητα.

    • I got mine in Latvia!

      • keeptalkinggreece

        you live here and got your Certificate from Latvia?

        • No I live in Latvia. My parents live in Greece.

        • 18/07 21..the problem of being able to download a Digital Certificate bia the portal following full Vaccination using a Temporary AMKA (numbers starting 9)still persists..these EUDCC certificate has been available in Greece since June and implemented from 01 July across EU,yet still Greece is way behind. The Government Digital Services are laughable for a “modern EU member Country ” .Invest in Greece why when they can not get the simple of tasks issuing a digital download bia the portal to people they have already issued a Temporary AMKA too.

    • Did you read this comment on the section of the web site where you log on to get the certificate?

      “If you do not have TAXISnet codes to connect to or you have another problem issuing the certificate, you can visit a Citizens’ Service Center (KEP) to issue the European Digital Certificate COVID-19.”

    • There is a big flaw with this Greek version of the EU certificate.
      You have to have a Greek passport number or s Greek ID number to register and to get this document.

      If this is not corrected, foreigners living in Greece have to settle with the Greek Covid certificate and hope that other countries will accept it.
      This can be obtained with AMKA and AFM numbers.

      The alternative is to stay home.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        or have PCR test before traveling.

        • Another alternative might be for the government to actually fix their website so that the Greek version of the EU Certificate actually works. Allowing all legal residents, not just Greek nationals access to the system.

  3. They really do want us to leave! NOTHING should be a complicated as they make it! This is just to gat a jab ……can you imagine what it would be like for something important? To register for a jab you need email, passport number and date of issue, DOB, birth place, tax numbers and full names and address. ……the greek government really take the bureaucracy biscuit just for a jab!

    • I am sure that they will change it. In Greece we have a lot of foreigners, living/working and being vaccinated. It is the first day today.

      • The things you mentioned to receive your FREE vaccination shouldn’t be a problem for anyone.
        They are all standard inquiries for registering for practically anything.
        Quit bitching.

      • Fingers crossed! At least you can get a paper certificate with QR code at every KEP. And you can download then a PDF via Taxisnet. In the end I prefer paper to an app. Who knows what it can be misused for.

        • I went to the pharmacy where I booked my jab appointment and inquired today and was told that even by going to a kep office they will ask you for your taxisnet code for them to give a paper certificate and that the only way you can recieve any certificate is via taxisnet

    • The only thing that comes as a surprise is that it come as a surprise to some people.

  4. It’s astonishing that after all the negative publicity that hit Greece when it omitted legal foreign residents from its vaccine initiative, the country would again forget us when it comes to getting the Digital Green Certificate, which was Greece’s own initiative and for which it lobbied hard.

    The EU’s own directive states, “non-EU nationals staying or residing in the Member States and who have the right to travel to other Member States, would be eligible to receive them free of charge.”

    We don’t have Greek passports, and our residence ID card numbers are in a different format from the police-issued IDs that citizens carry. We cannot get these certificates.

    • Foreign residents cannot get the certificates YET – have a little patience for heaven’s sake, the platform only opened today!!!

  5. I have lived here for 15 years have AMKA and all paper work and new biometric card, so how am I
    going to prove I have had both vaccinations, as I would like to visit my relations in Athens, just curious

    • Just be patient – the system will allow for non Greek residents with time. It only opened today & you’re all jumping up & down about it already, just relax!!!!

      • Guess you weren’t denied access to the vaccine programme for months by the non functioning Emvolio website for foreign residents. That took from February to mid May to be fixed. Your assurances of it will work in time and that it only opened today and to be patient – are the same hollow platitudes we heard in February, in March and in April. How about the government launching a system that actually works for all residents as per the EU directive

    • We are English and have lived in Greece for 10 years….do not have a against password…we had to ask the pharmacist to book our vaccination appointment ….our ALL A number will not work on its own….this will be the same for the green cert…why taxinet..just use am A number???

    • I believe the original Greek vaccination certificate system is still operational. That only requires TAXISNet ID, Password and AMKA. No passport or Police ID information. I am sure that ought to be suitable for travel to Athens.

      Go to the Emvolio web site and it’s the fifth little blue box with white writing on the right hand side. If you use Chrome browser it mostly works in English but remember to switch back to Greek before saving and downloading the certificate. It is a dual language form but if you don’t switch back to Greek the Greek version also appears in English.

  6. I am happy to pay for the vaccination and certificate so I can quit paying for COVID tests to travel. I do not need a Greek tax ID because I am not taking a job from a Greek, and I rent cars and homes in Greece. Please let me know how to get my vaccination certificate in Greece without a taxis number so that I can continue to contribute to the Greek economy by traveling Greece and paying Greeks for rentals, food, services, and other travel expenses. Otherwise I may need to spend thousands of dollars for my family to go to where I am a tax resident to get vaccinated there so we may return to Greece to contribute to the Greek economy after we get the vaccination certificate elsewhere.

  7. Simple answer, here in Greece the digital certificate is only issued to people with Greek passport or ID card numbers

    • I have a Greek ID and AMKA. Do I also have to have a taxisnet password in order to get the certificate proving I was vaccinated to travel?

    • Sorry, mistake! This morning I visited my locaLKEP and got my digital certificate. They needed my (British) passport, father’s and mother’s names, and AMKA number.

      • Katarina Mavro

        Á friend of mine has been vaccinated end of April in Germany with the first Dosis of BiontechPfizer.
        This was correctly verified in her international Certificate of Vaccination.
        When she came back to Greece in May, she suddenly got the SMS of Greek government with a provisional AMKA to get vaccinated in Greece – for what she had applied as foreigner since February. She made the appointment in a pharmacy.
        Today she got to the Kentro Ygia and told the doctors that it would be her second vaccination because she got the first in Germany. Big confusion!
        At the end of several telefoncalls with?, she got her jab.
        But the doctors refused to give her a confirmation of the second Dosis. They told her, that the international Certificate of Vaccination was not accepted in Greece and it would be illegal to certify the Greek jab in it!
        So, she has the full vaccination, but no certificate for it.
        Should she get the „second“ Greek vaccination to get her Certificate? So, that she would have THREE vaccinations at the end?
        The Greek doctor told her: „we are in Greece and we have our own rules. To certify the second, just done, vaccination in the international certificate would be illegal!“

        Now, she has a lot of bureaucratic work to get her second vaccination certified!
        Is that Europe?

        • As always, no person in the Greek state system understands anything about Greek law, and even less about European or international law. They have operated with the delusion, since 1832, that “we are in Greece and we have our own rules”. The fact that those Greek rules are usually in contradiction of Greek law, not to mention all international agreements concerns them not in the slightest.

          I will not bore you with 25 years of recorded interaction with Greek bureaucratic and illegal malakies — most of it emanating from illegal circulars from ministries. And all of it completely against Greece’s own interests, but favourable to making sure that nothing works properly.

          But the answer to your question “Is that Europe?” is “No, it is a sort of horrendous blend of Arabian mixed up with Franz Kafka.” You can be 100% sure that no Greek doctor has the slightest idea of what the law is, or what they should be doing to conform with it. If you know a senior Greek politician, they will sort it out for you. Just phone Mitsotakis, and the problem will disappear in seconds!

      • Hello ,
        I don’t have taxisnet but have a Greek passport. Can I still get my vaccine certificate if I do my second dose in Greece .

    • Not so. I just downloaded my certificate using mu uk passport number.

  8. No digital tracking and monitoring “where are your paperssss!” system like this should exist in the first place. I’m absolutely disgusted that people are willing to give away all freedom and privacy they ever had just because they have been scared to death by this all. The whole world in 2021 is turning into communism on steroids. And people keep demanding more totalitarian government control because they suddenly think that their government actually cares about them and has their best interest in mind. Makes me so sad.

    • You clearly have no friends or relatives that have been affected by COVID – I have. My father survived but has returned to the hospital twice – three organs had to be removed. My best mate in London had a medium case but now has both long-term lung and brain damage – he left for Pakistan as life became just too difficult for him in he first world.

      I am very happy to now be fully vaccinated and look forward to resuming a more normal life.