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Greece determined to proceed with privileges for inoculated citizens and “compulsory vaccination”

The Greek government is reportedly determined to proceed with privileges for inoculated citizens and “compulsory vaccination” for specific professionals. The government has reportedly already prepared the necessary legislation and is waiting for the recommendations from the National Bioethics committee before proceeds with its implementation expected in the beginning of July.

The government plans consider to allow only inoculated citizens into indoor entertainment and sports venues.

Citing high-ranking government sources, health issues website healthreport note that the committee has already decided on the issues and is expected to present its decision to the Prime Minister’s office in the coming days.

The scientists of the Bioethics Committee are essentially called upon to ratify the government’s decisions on compulsory vaccination, but also on the privileges for inoculated citizens.

However, it seems that there are concerns within the committee about the separation of citizens, into vaccinated and non-vaccinated, although the position regarding the protection of the general population has prevailed.

There are reportedly scientists who express the view that compulsory vaccination and privileges can ultimately work even more deterrent for those who are hesitant to get vaccinated.

Employees and compulsory vaccination

For the time being, the government has stated that it will institute the compulsory vaccination against Covid-19 for health workers including those working at elderly care facilities.

But the debate seems to be open regarding also to other categories of workers such as teachers, security forces, but also some civil servants who come in contact with citizens.

According to the high-ranking government sources, a plan is being worked out on how workers who refuse to receive the  vaccination should be treated,  even if the issue of compulsory vaccination is legislated.

As government officials assure, there will be no question of dismissal but is is most likely that employees will be transferred to other working positions.

Examples form other European countries countries may be used, such as neighboring Italy, where healthcare providers who refuse to be vaccinated are transferred to departments where they have no contact with patients.

The privileges

As soon as the online platform for vaccination of all age groups and for all available vaccines is opened, it is expected that inoculated citizens will enjoy more freedoms than the not inoculated ones.

It has already been decided to abolish the mandatory use of face mask outdoors as of July 1 for those who have already had both doses of the vaccine [or one with J&J].

Also one of the main privileges of the vaccinated will be as it seems the free access to the interiors of restaurants, cafes and bars, in order to convince mainly the young people to get vaccinated.

At the same time, those who are fully vaccinated are considered to be able to have free access to cultural events, such as cinemas, concerts, theaters, as well as stadiums, without masks and self tests.

As far as self-tests are concerned, Deputy Minister Akis Skertsos announced over the weekend that they will not be necessary for those vaccinated.

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  1. So will we need a new tattoo on our foreheads to say “Fully Vaccinated” so you can be identified between full and non vaccinated people?

    • No need fr a tattoo. You just download your vaccination certificate and carry it with you, either on your smart phone or on paper.

      I wish they would stop talking about “granting privileges” to those who have been vaccinated. They are “returning freedoms” to those who have been vaccinated. The freedoms were suspended for everyone because of the threat to people’s health caused by the virus. There is no reason not to restore those freedoms to people who are no longer a threat.

  2. Great news for those who have been able to get vaccinated. But many of us have still not received PAMKA numbers despite many applications. KEP won’t help those with AFM, we are abandoned.

  3. And later on gulag for everyone who doesn’t obey and rewards for their neighbors for ratting them out… The world has seen this before. The alarming thing is that so many people are demanding more of this. Well, just wait until it’s no longer about vaccine but they decide to use the same system to target other “non desirable” people

  4. Do you still need a Greek identity card (ταυτότητα) in order to get the vaccine certificate? I remember reading on KTG that it was needed and a quirk in the system.
    I will be having my second dose soon. I just hope the government will recognize it. And yes, I agree with the person who said it’s the restoration of freedoms, not privileges. So true.

  5. This trend is particularly worrying. Let’s hope enough people have the wisdom and discernment to see it for what it is and stand up to say enough is enough. On the other hand, what is perhaps the most troublesome is the fact that so many individuals are ready to denounce others for their own intimate and personal choices about their own health and safety!

  6. This seems to be a waste of Parliamen’s time and will prove to be near impossible to implement as people will find ways around it. In my opinion there aren’t enough actual facts (not myths) broadcast and published about Covid or interviews with people who were previously healthy and active but are suffering with on going health issues of Long Covid. After I had my first jab a Greek told me I was more dangerous now to those around me because I had been injected with Covid. I thought he was joking but he wasn’t, Such ideas, mistrust of the vaccine because it’s been produced so quickly and therefore untested by years of use, recollections of what happened as a result of phalidimide (apologies probably not spelt correctly) are some of the reasons so many are against being vaccinated. Threats of being left outside restaurants won’t alter their minds.While these non believers are being coaxed let’s hope all those who continue to wait for their temporary numbers can be dealt with without further delay.

  7. There is the implication in all this that vaccinated people are ‘safe’ – whereas the fact that the UK govt currently requires vaccinated travellers to quarantine on their return from ‘amber’ countries, implies that they know that even vaccinated people are fully capable of passing on the virus if they contract it themselves.

  8. “Privileges” won’t work because it requires the police going into crowded bars and checking the papers for each and every person there. It ain’t going to happen, for one thing students won’t put up with such “police/state harrassment” for another the State won’t want to upset tourists who have been lured back.