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Heatwave with up to 44°-46° C prolonged until Aug 6, Greece meteo warns

Greece’s National Meteorological Service EMY updated the Heatwave Red Alert on Thursday and warned of temperatures up to 44-45 degrees Celsius and locally up to 46 C. At the same time, it forecast extension of the “dangerous weather phenomenon” until next Friday, August 6, 2021.

In its emergency warning on Thursday, EMY  stressed the following points:

1. The phenomenon is still a dangerous weather
phenomenon as it will have a long duration but also because the
temperature range (maximum – minimum temperature difference) will
be small.

2. The peak of the heatwave is expected at the beginning of next week, however, the extremely high temperatures will continue for at least until Friday, 6. August 2021.

3. The maximum temperatures in the next three days will range 42°- 44° C in the mainland , while on islands and coastal areas they will be 2 -3 degrees lower.

Temperature will remain high during the night time with minimum values ​​above 28 degrees Celsius in most of the regions.

EMY temperature Forecast July 29 – August 4, 2021
The worst days are expected to be Monday and Tuesday, August 2 -3 where temperature is forecast to rise up to 44-45 C in Athens and up to 46 C in Central Greece.

Here is the first EMY heatwave warning issued on July 26.

***Be careful these days especially if you belong to vulnerable groups, check  with the elderly and place a big bowl of water for the strays  – in the shade.

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  1. The weather in Greece is wonderful, from late October to the end of February. These heat waves are only for sun-starved Nordics.

    • Eirik Steinhanses Ulset

      Yes, and we love it! From -20C in February to 35-40 is perfect with enough water and a pool:)