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Anti-vaxxers file against teachers claiming self-tests & masks are “treason and torture”

Anti-vaxxers parents are freaking out and attack teachers for demanding masks and self-tests from pupils as provided by law. Some anti-vaxxers went far to file lawsuits against teachers for “forming a criminal organization, treason and torture.”

Parents of children at a kindergarten and an elementary school in Pyrgos, south Peloponnese, filed lawsuits against three teachers who did not allow pupils to enter the school and attend classes without a face mask and a self-test as provided by law..

Antonia Bri, president of teachers and kindergarten teachers in Pyrgos, told Open TV that on Monday, the parents demanded the entry of their children to school and the kindergarten without a mask and the presentation of the required school card for Covid-19 (self-test registration).

Bri said that the parents accused the director, the kindergarten head and some teachers and their accusations were also reflected in their lawsuits.

“They filed lawsuits on the charges of forming a criminal organization, national treason and torture,” Bri said.

In Thermi suburb of Thessaloniki, northern Greece, the father of a pupil was arrested after he pushed aside the school principal and hindered other children to enter the school after his son was not allowed inside because he could not present a self-test.

The principal called the police, who removed the furious 37-year-old man, He was later arrested on charges of serious disruption of the public service and insults following a lawsuit by the principal.

The father said that he does not accept the self-test and the mask and that he will keep bringing his son to school without test and mask. He added that he pushed aside the principal “because she was hindering him from approaching a school belonging to Greeks.. She has not right to do so, it’s not her school she is our employee.”

The previous week the son was going to school with a self-test accompanied by his mother.

Last week, another father, an officer at the Greek Armed Forces, created a similar incident in an elementary school in Kozani, northern Greece.

It’s not only “anti-vaxxers parents” who create incidents in schools but also relatives of patients infected with Covid-19 who attack and threaten doctors in public hospitals.

The daughter of a Covid-patient threatened a doctor at Laiko hospital in Athens, forbidding medical intervention to her father.

“I will cure him with aloe,” the woman shouted, while she was filming the doctor, media reported.

The elderly patient was reportedly admitted to hospital in serious condition and the incident took place when doctors were trying to implement the medical protocol for such cases.

Similar incidents were staged by anti-vaxxers in hospitals and schools have taken place also in the recent past and the government does nothing to crack down on the movement that spread fake news and putting lives at risk.

There have been incidents in Patras, where the movement is quite strong and where anti-vaxxers rejected blood transfusion from a vaccinated person.

In the “shared psychosis” they suffer they have also refused intubation for Covid-patients.

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  1. I am sorry, dear Editor of KTG, but “shared psychosis” sounds a very fair description of people who are quietly accepting the Government mandates for supposedly eradicating the covid virus. We have to be very careful how we use such expressions or throw such psychological accusations around. People have every right to be alarmed, disturbed, horrified at the phenomenon of government overreach and passive acquiescence of populations which is occurring not only in Greece but around the world. There are some very intelligent individuals who have described what is happening as “medical fascism”. Objectively examine the history and meaning of that word, fascism, and you will see that this description is hitting very close to the mark. We are, all of us, at an extremely perilous moment in human history whether we realize it or not.

  2. Because fascists were renowned for trying to stop people dying and imposing minor inconveniences on people like wearing a mask?

  3. I understand that some people don’t want to be vaccinated and that is their choice.

    However, certain thing that are happening now are beyond personal decision making and are having an impact on the healthcare of vulnerable people. There have been several incidents in Ireland of activists trying (successfully on at least one occasion) to persuade Covid patients to discharge themselves from hospital.

    The man who was persuaded to leave hospital and refuse treatment was readmitted 2 days later by ambulance.

  4. Exactly. Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultra nationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy. You are part of the problem if you don’t see it happening all over the world.