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“Greek-French defense pact does not protect the EEZ,” says Development Minister

Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis said the obvious about the much praised Defense Agreement between Greece and France: It does not protected the Exclusive Economic Zone of the country for a simple reason: Greece has not declared it yet.

A few hours before the start of the debate in Parliament on the ratification of the defense agreement between Greece and France, Minister Georgiadis confirmed that French assistance in the event of an attack does not include the EEZ and therefore the whole of Greece’s sovereign rights, reports

Speaking to Skai TV, the minister said:

“As for the EEZ… Have we declared an EEZ and I did not know it? What will we say to the French? Come and protect the EEZ that we have not declared? ”

Minister Georgiadis has in fact responded to main opposition left-wing SYRIZA that has asked for relevant clarifications on the issue before the ratification by the lawmakers of the Greek Parliament.

interesting is also an evaluation by the German Foreign Ministry last Friday. It said that the Greek-French bilateral defense agreement “contains clear references to the status of the two countries as EU and NATO member states, and is not directed against other partners.”

Some media and many Greeks, patriots and New Democracy supporters on social media already “saw” French soldiers in Greece, the moment Turks would dare a step outside a boat or a plane.

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  1. He should not air such creative speculation when he deals with finance, not defense.

    If armed conflict broke out, everyone knows what would happen. End of story.

    • Dassault Rafale/Range

      Rafale combat range

      Combat range is the maximum range an aircraft can fly when carrying ordnance. Rafale fighter jet with full fuel tank and fully loaded combat weapons can travel up to 3,200-3,700 km.
      Distance to Greece from France 2800km.
      Distance to Greece from Cyprus 1100km.
      Your right we know what would happen the UK would launch a counter strike from Cyprus and in conjunction with the Greek air force counter any threat.
      Meanwhile the French would be two hours away ,looking to refuel when they arrive .
      Basically the same cooperative that has kept peace in the region since 1973.
      We might not be in the EU, but when our friends need help we will always step up .

      • Yes, the UK has always protected Cyprus and Greece from invasion by Turkey, especially in 1974. Idiot. The UK has more investments in Turkey than in Greece and Cyprus combined, I wonder if that matters – especially as Boris Johnson is a Turk.

        • You said,The UK has more investments in Turkey than in Greece.
          Correct that’s because you don’t do anything that warrants investment. Idiot.

        • What are you talking about? The UK (or Greece’s forces for that matter) were no where near Cyprus to protect anything genius.

          Also interesting and exposing is how money is a factor in your mind.

          As for who you believe is your patriot, he will not be around after May 2024. He dares not call an early election either knowing full well that this buffoon who’s barber has a wonderful sense would be booted, even after their admirable Brexit.

          • The UK had a legal obligation to protect Cyprus, by international treaty, and did not do so. Nothing AT ALL to do with proximity of forces! It has never done anything for Cyprus or Greece, other than use them for its own purposes.

            And yes, money is the main factor in the minds of German, French and British politicians. This is an historical fact. Also, in riposte to you and the other idiot, Tarqers, I am not a Greek. I am a British citizen who is resident in Greece.

  2. Could you (“reporters”) be a bit more profeccional and not have your ONLY and 1 aim to find some faults of N.D.? It is shame, how you are writing here and it is shame, that you make your own feelings “as news”, most of all; P.S., etc. That is not journalism but like any of us could write in Facebook. Shame. I do know my feedback will not be published, but I hope you will read this though.

    • I really don’t know how many times it needs to be said but this is a news BLOG. The person has every right to insert their opinion or bias into what they write. If you want to read some news straight from the Koulis propaganda machine, which it sounds like you do, go read Ekathimerini and stop complaining about this platform that some of us actually enjoy reading.

    • “more profeccional”?

  3. Who protects this invisible or non-exsistent EEZ? No one? Who abides by what international laws, and who enforces them?

    Law? The common pattern of buying or selling arms from enemies is also unbelievable in this wonderland of conflict and laws.

    Histporically, millions of innocent people were brutally murdered on a masive scale!. Imagine millions of Jews by Germans or millions of Armenians by Turks. They are friends. They share commonality and similar intersts. Turkey back Germany in WW1 and was neutral in WW2. Turds are the largest immigrant population in Germany too, accounting for a whopping 5% of Germany’s population.

    Today, Germany sells submarines to Europe’s enemy while Turkey buys arms from NATOs enemy. The problem is that Germany is part of the EU and Turkey is part of NATO. These are unrelaible so called “partners” and partner only to each other.

    Law means nothing when it comes to self interests with threats of banks or tanks it seems.

    Worst yet, they have been appeased and emboldened by greater western powers under the fear of financial or geostrategic interst. However and thankfully, with increasing exposure, this is finally changing with a west that is threatening to impose what these extorting criminals fear most- sanctions. Otherwise, the trend would spell disaster for the future, democracy, and security.

    Always late to the fight, like WW2 but better late than never. May I suggest, thank God for laws!