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Greece’s new Covid-measures: Analytically for vaccinated, unvaccinated, aged 60+ and minors

Following the new Covid-measures for unvaccinated citizens and those over 60 years old announced by Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Thursday a new and very complicated every day life goes in effect from Monday, November 22, 2021. There are activities where all citizens, vaccinated, unvaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 can access or not and thus with or without Covid-certificates including negative PCR or Rapid Tests.

The new Covid-measures will be valid for two months, Health Minister Thanos Plevris said on Friday morning, implying that the Holiday season will be much different this year.

The rules of public health and access to specific activities are as follows:

No Rapid test or Covid-Pass required for vaccinated, unvaccinated or recovered at:

  • food markets (supermarkets, butchers, fishmshops, bakeries, bakeries, confectioneries open markets “laiki”)
  • pharmacies
  • Urban public transport means

No Covid-Pass control is required, use of mask is mandatory.

Covid-Pass or Rapid Test for unvaccinated is required at

  • Long distance travel with public transport means
  • Education
  • Workplaces (public & private sector)
  • Places of worship
  • Retail stores
  • Hairdressers, nail saloons
  • Outdoor spaces in restaurants, cafes etc.

Use of mask mandatory, Covid-Pass and negative test control at entrance

Unvaccinated banned from access to closed spaces like:

  • indoor restaurants, cafes etc
  • cinemas
  • theaters, museums, gyms
  • sports stadiums
  • exhibitions
  • congresses

Access to above mentioned places is allowed only to vaccinated citizens and those who have recovered. Covid-Pass control at the entrance. Use of mask mandatory. A negative Rapid or PCR test is of no use for the unvaccinated

Booster shot for over 60 years old

Vaccinated citizens over 60 years old will have to get a booster shot the latest 7 months after their full vaccination. Their Covid-Pass will expire after 7 months, they will be considered as unvaccinated and therefore will be deprived from certain activities as those who never received a vaccination against Covid-19. This measure goes into force as of 13. December 2021.

Minors aged 4-17

Minors aged 4-17 years old are allowed to enter outdoors and indoors dining areas, theaters, cinemas, museums, gyms and the stadiums with self self test demonstration.

Minister Plevris said that due to the rolling hours to access work in public and private sectors, retail stores will operate from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

He stressed that the aim of the new measures announced by the Prime Minister is to “protect the unvaccinated citizens.”

sources: healthreport, amna, state broadcaster ERT.

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  1. Very useful summary thank you.

    I read on a different web site that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was being treated as a partial vaccination when counting people in ICUs. Does anyone know if that is true?

  2. Think about when Minister Plevris stated that the stressed that the aim of the new measures announced by the Prime Minister is to “protect the unvaccinated citizens.” Then further down mentions the unvaccinated are banned from access to closed spaces where only the vaccinated can attend. So who is he protecting the unvaccinated from? Is he protecting the unvaccinated from the vaccinated? His words not mine…

    • don’t seek logic in gov’t PR rhetoric

    • Exactly.
      On my way to the city today, I caught myself thinking, that it is quite dangerous to go to the metro, because at least half of them have been vaccinated and can carry the virus in a way that they don’t even notice, they don’t feel it – like zombies. So I took a taxi.
      Do I really have to vaccinate to protect myself from them?
      When I had covid myself, I had so much shit that I was in bed for two weeks – certainly not sharing the virus on the subway, it wasn’t just possible, but now… now we can’t be sure of anything, mean who is more dangerous to who…

      • What backward logic. The people who show no signs of having the virus (so for all intents and purposes are not sick but are carriers) because they got vaccinated, could give it to you, I suppose being unvaccinated, and you could get seriously ill. Yes, it sounds like you could solve the problem of getting sick by getting vaccinated! That’s what the vaccinated did and it seems to be working for them!
        There were asymptomatic carriers anyway before the vaccine was around so you’re not safer amongst an unvaccinated population.
        The issue everywhere is an overstretched healthcare system; the vaccine alleviates that. No one would care if COVID infected everyone, so long as people dont get sick and overburden the hospitals – hence the introduction of the vaccine. In fact, letting it spread is what we should do because then maybe it will run its course and go away having no one left to infect.

  3. merci pour cet update !

  4. Does any of this authoritarian stuff have to go thru parliament?

  5. That message is for you Mr keeptalkinggreece or for your cats – whatever.

    It’s already the second time when you “moderate” my comments as you like – mean, just deleting them.
    If you have some rules or something, please inform us all about them, have heard that I’m not the only one.
    That’s not democratic, professional journalism, it’s more like your personal small-shitty blog or something like that.
    Will never-ever visit your site anymore.
    Be well.

  6. These measures are actually anti-science. If you had 100 people in a room, and 99 were vaxxed, with the one remaining being unvaxxed but tested negative, the one is the “safest” person in the room, yet they will be the one that must be excluded. The stupidity is breathtaking.

    • It is almost like they want to be confusing, oblique, and contradictory on purpose. What that purpose is is pretty much known.