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christmas 2021 tree

Merry Christmas 2021! Not in the mood for Christmas? Wait till you see my tree….

I can’t imagine the festive season without two of my favorite things: A Christmas tree and my favorite film of all times: A Christmas Carol. Year in, year out, I have to drop what I’m going and watch at least one version of Scrooge the the Ghosts. I love to get taught again and again that we must not think of ourselves and our personnel greed not matter of what kind.

The same happened early evening today, on the Christmas Eve 2021. I was finishing the sauce for tomorrow’s turkey when I realized A Christmas Carol was running on TV. I had to quickly turn off the heat and make me comfortable on the couch.

I have been loving this story since I first read the book as a child. Charles Dickens has been my favorite author since I can remember myself and I believe his books have taken a great influence on thinking thinking “social.”

Decades later as I am no longer a child and yet I can’t imagine Christmas without watching at least one version of A Christmas Carol. I can give up turkey and sweets but no this film. It’s my moral must these days.

The older I get I believe it is essential to be reminded at least once a year that there are people in need out there, and with “in need” I don’t mean only “material needs.”

Our contribution can be a small donation here, a package set together with love there, but also a phone call or a message to someone we got out of touch with or been even at odds, for whatever reason.

Whether we are religious and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, it’s irrelevant.

Relevant is to open our heart and “give” a bit of joy even to those who take it for granted.

Joy – real or virtual – is highly important these days as we experience another year of the pandemic, another year of insecurity, restriction, and why not? fear. We certainly want our previous normal life back. Yes, we are under pressure, psychologically and financially, and we have to keep on going, nobody knows for how long under these awful circumstances.

Some of us have lost people we loved dearly and some of us are unable to visit our beloved ones for an endless long time. This has taken a toll on our soul as to some we could not even say Goodbye. But we must keep on going.

Christmas Mood?

This year, I really struggled with myself very hard to create a Christmas atmosphere at home.

I was in the mod but very deep-deep down inside me.

christmas 2021 tree

It turned out that even the Christmas tree was not in the mood either, as it had suffered a severe balance issue. No idea what happened with the tree I had last year.

Christmas2020 tree

Anyway, I insisted to set it up full or half or just a part of it and now I have the pleasure to go though the festive season with a tree that looks like a …palm tree.


Christmas2021 tree


Honestly I don’t mind and in fact I don’t give damn. This is my symbolic contribution to the whole situation – or something…. OK, there may colorful lights on the fire place, at the balcony and windows – but who goes around taking pictures of lights??

I also struggled against my inner longing for a Christmas Day on the couch watching silly Christmas films and “let the world burn down.”  Ultimately I kicked m on the butt to cook our traditional Christmas lunch with turkey and rich stuffing, my special plum-chestnuts sauce, mashed apples and all possible and impossible side dishes, booze, sweets and cognac everywhere.

stuffing waiting for the turkey

We will be much fewer this year as few as we were the year before. But the table will be full and we’ll have the feeling at least inside the home that we maintain a bit of our normal life and don’t go insane. At least for one or two days.

In this sense, don’t give up hope that one day things will get better again. Maybe different but definitely better.

Merry Christmas to all of you



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  1. KTG, I just love this! YES, we will get better times if we just keep on working for it. For ex take the vacine as many times as we need to, take care of each other and most of all, DONT GIVE UP! We humans are not perfect but as long as we realise that and keep on learning to get better in every way (climate issues for ex) we have a fair chance to succeed. And we have to help others in need, I mean both humans and animals. There is space for us all on this beloved earth! Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas 🎄 to you too! And a big thanks for updating us non-greek speakers with the most important news in this awful year. Let’s hope 2022 will be less dominated by corona and all it’s unwanted side effects

  3. Merry Christmas to everyone in Greece x

  4. I saw this last night and it gave me a chuckle before bedtime. What a funny tree, and yes, it looks like a palm tree! I guess it is symbolic of the craziness of the year, climate change, and everything else! Καλές γιορτές! Και καλή χρόνια !

  5. Merry Christmas to you thanks for all your hard work keeping us informed. Your tree 🎄 is great!!!!

  6. Merry Xmas to KTG! Thank you for all the work you do. I enjoy spending time on the site everyday. Keep it up!

    Best Wishes to you and your family!


  7. Thank you for another year of updating us on Greek news in your captivating personal style! I enjoy your occasional opinionated commentaries, even if I don’t always agree with them. And I love the picture of your Christmas tree!
    Happy Christmas to you, and best wishes for 2022!

  8. Merry Christmas to you and everyone !

    And thanks so much for all the time you devote to posting news from Greece for those of us who love the country and its people dearly but haven’t yet come around to learning Greek properly 🙂

  9. Now Greece is on the move!

  10. Merry Christmas KTG… hope that turkey was delicious!
    Thanks for all the posts … I read them