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Greece extends current restrictions against Covid-19 until Jan 23

Greece’s Health Ministry announced on Wednesday it is extending existing restrictions imposed to halt the wave of Covid-19 infections by one week, to January 23, 2022.

Εarlier today, the epidemiologists’ committee had recommenced the extension of the restrictions that were supposed to last until Jan 16.

The announcement followed a recommendation by the panel of experts advising the government on the virus.

The restrictions imposed on December 30, include entertainment venues and restaurants to close at midnight, ban music and standing customers. At the same time, 50% of employees in public and private sector work remotely.

The use of increased protection mask (KN95 or double surgical masks) in mandatory in public transport means and supermarkets, while the use of masks is mandatory in- and outdoors.

The extension of measures comes as the country records an average 25,000-35,000 daily infections, while the number of intubated patients and deaths is constantly high.

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  1. Yeah like these are doing anything.

  2. Announcement: though I’m quadruple vaxxed and wear three N95s everywhere, including to bed, and I’ve isolated myself and permanently quarantined my children in the basement, I now have COVID. Im just grateful that all of these measures have worked. Please get vaccinated everyone!

  3. Is this also for bar’s and café, cause you don’t mention it!?