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Athens: Man who brutally beats partner surrenders to police; victim still struggles for her life in ICU

A 46-year-old man who brutally beat his partner and sent her to the ICU with very severe injuries appeared at the police in Athens today after the expiration of the 48-hour inflagranti deadline that sends criminal directly behind bars. The man was accompanied by his lawyer.

With punches and kicks the man beat his 40-year-old partner in their home in Argyroupoli, East Athens, early Friday morning.

While the victim was laying on the floor bleeding and unconscious, the man called his sister and briefed her about the incident, told her to call the ambulance and fled the scene, thus hiding until Monday noon.

The victim was transferred to a hospital in Athens, was immediately intubated in an ICU. She underwent surgery because “a part of her skull was missing” as media reported. The woman is still struggling for her life.

Citing police sources, media report that the man is a martial arts expert and known for his brutality. No neighbor spoke to the media about him fearing retaliation, media added.

The man has history of violent behavior and in 2015 he had beaten and stabbed his 24-year-old partner while on vacation in estern Peloponnese. He left her injured on a road. With great effort the woman managed to reach a police station. It is not clear whether the incident went into trial and he was convicted.

The man has been married and divorced 4 times and has four children.

One of them, a daughter, posted his picture on her social media account and wrote that she is ashamed of him being her father and that “he deserves to rotten in jail.”

According to media information, the man was calm when he surrendered himself to police station and showed a “sign of remorse’ but not a convincing one.

He confessed to the beating saying to police that he did not wanted to kill her or send her to hospital, state broadcaster ERT

The an arrest warrant against him is for attempted murder with intent in a calm state of mind.

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  1. A man that hits his woman will always hit and hurt again! The only thing for the woman to do is leave, immediately. Even if the man, as often happens, begs and promises “never to do it again”. But he will, 99 times out of 100! Wonder how these men thinks or maybe they dont think at all, it is the reptile brain that takes over. Anyway, if you are beeing hit or abused by the man (or woman for that matter) you love, dont think you can “fix” it just leave, whatever treats he/she will say! It is the only way out of misery!!