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Majority of Greeks against sending military equipment to Ukraine, polls find

Majority of Greeks are against the sending military equipment to Ukraine thinking this will place Greece in a difficult position and will also deteriorate relations with Russia, two public opinion polls have found. At the same time, they side with Ukraine rather than with Russia, a country with which Greece has had historical and religious ties until it brutally invaded Ukraine.

It should be recalled that Greece was one of the first countries to send military equipment to Ukraine together with humanitarian aid on February 27.

At the same time, main reason of concern is the price hikes, a public opinion poll has found.

According to a survey conducted among 1,026 people by ABACUS on behalf of Alpha TV on March 2-8, 2022:

Regarding the shipment of military equipment to Ukraine: 62% of respondents say that it will make Greece’s position difficult, 27% that it will help, 9% said “neither …nor”, while 3% said “Don’t know/Won’t answer”.

53% of respondents believe that the war in Ukraine will have a negative effect on the Greek-Turkish relations  as it will favor Turkey. 29% say that there may be a negative effect, 17% disagree, while 3% said they didn’t know.

Will Greek-Russian relations deteriorate? 67% say Yes, 22% Maybe, 10% No, 1% Don’t know

What is the most important problem currently? 17% coronavirus, 48% price hikes, 1% none is important, 33% both are equally important, 1& None of them is important.

How will everyday life be in the next 12 months? Worse 59%, 25% the same, 13% better.

How should the government deal with the price hikes? 44% say VAT reduction on basic products 32% say increase of minimum wage, 5% reinstatement of social energy tariffs, 4% emergency allowance, 9% cap on fuel and bread , 6% “other.”

Ιn another survey by Politic, 54% or respondents said they are against Greece’s sending military equipment, while 46% are in favor.

One in two Greeks (51%) is in favor of the Ukrainian side, while 34% do not support any side, and 15% support Russia.

63% support the sanctions against Russia.

The overwhelming majority (83%) is in favor of the decision to grant a 12-month residence and work permit for refugees from Ukraine.

The majority of respondents say they are in favor that Greece keeps a neutral stance.

53% believe that the Greek interest is served through neutrality.

However, 37% say Greece should support Ukraine, while only 3% say it should side with Russia.

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  1. Any sanctions on Rybolovlev yet?

  2. It is easy for the most intelligent race on earth to be receivers and not givers ,because everyone else is stupid and is unlikely to spot the disparity , I’m told it’s a cultural thing.
    Im often told by Greeks that people from my country are stupid, even though that very same person uses 10 items invented by my countrymen within the first twenty minutes of their day ,I’m still waiting to use a Greek invention and I’ve been here 20 years.(apart from sex)
    They did give the world alot of migrants after the war , but staggeringly on the whole don’t like foreigners living in Greece , ive lost count the amount of times I’ve overheard a man with 4 cousins in Australia and 4 in Canada moaning about Germans , time to give a little back perhaps 🤔

    • Greeks “often” tell you that people from your country are stupid? Often?

      To claim “he most intelligent race on earth” Who is the most intelligent race, does this not strike you as racist??

      What “10 items invented by your” countrymen”? Turkey or Germany?

      This is a rather shocking and brazen rant that one might best avoid trying to digesting when reflecting on who might be capable of such articulation. What kind of profoundly odious animal has the capacity to stir such emotion.

      • Awful lot of questions there ,some retoricel I imagine , still it’s good to get emotional ,I’m told.

  3. Greeks might be overly objective to a fault. Evident by pioneering a populist government.

    At least when once bitten, twice shy. They learn. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. If only their western counterparts did the same.