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Greece green-lights 4th vaccine dose for over 60, vulnerable children

Greece’s National Vaccination Committee gave the green light for the 4th dose of vaccination against Covid-19 for citizens over 60 years old as well as for vulnerable groups including children. “Those who got sick with Covid after the third dose (booster shot) will not need the fourth dose,” Committee’s president Maria Theodoridou stressed on Tuesday during the presentation of the program.

According to the Committee, vaccination with the fourth dose is not mandatory but highly recommended.

The second booster dose (4th dose) will be given with mRNA vaccines, ie Pfizer or Moderna, four months after the first booster dose (3rd dose).

Children and adolescents

According to President Theodoridou, the fourth dose is also for children and adolescents aged 12-17 with serious health problems.

For the vaccination of immune-suppressed children and adolescents from 12 to 17 years of age, the fourth dose can be administered hree months after the third dose.

Also, children and adolescents  aged 12-17 years with an increased risk (obese children, diabetes or cardiovascular disease) are given a third dose six months after the second dose.

The interval for vaccinations with Moderna and Pfizer is extended to eight weeks.

Other population groups

According to Mrs. Theodoridou, the benefit from the fourth dose will be greater in people aged 70 and over and in people living in accommodation structures.

The fourth dose will be just as beneficial in people aged 60 and over, especially those with serious underlying diseases.

“In people who have become ill after the administration of the third dose, the administration of a fourth dose against the vaccine is not recommended”, underlined Maria Theodoridou.

“The completion of the basic vaccination (a, b and c) in the entire adult population is of primary importance”, she added.

According to Theodoridou, “the National Vaccination Committee today discussed in detail the discussion for the administration of the fourth dose. The implementation of the third dose vaccination from the beginning of September has worked positively in terms of preventing the infection of citizens with a serious disease. There is still an internationally increasing rate of infections, but with a significantly lower number of hospitalizations.”

The fourth dose has been made available since winter for immune-suppressed citizens and Theodoridou had expressed reservations for the 4th dose for the general population still in February.

Booking platform opening

Secretary general of Primary Health Care, Marios Themistokleous, stressed that the inauguration of the vaccination platform for appointment for the fourth dose will be done gradually and for every decade, based on the respective age group.

Platforms for online booking will open:

For citizens aged 80 and over, on Thursday, April 7, 2022
For citizens aged 70 – 79 years from next week
For citizens aged 60-69 from the following week

According to Themistokleous, eligible for the 4th dose are 1.3 million citizens over 60 years old in total.


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  1. If your dog got rabies after three vaccinations would you still believe that the vacine worked and take him to the vet for a 4th shot?

    • If dogs in your neighbourhood were dying in agony from rabies but your dog had been given 3 doses of vaccine, still caught rabies but was only mildly ill and made a full recovery would you give your dog a fourth dose when the vet recommended it?

      COVID vaccines REDUCE your risk of catching the virus, they don’t STOP it.

      COVID vaccines STRONGLY REDUCE your risk of dying if you catch the virus, they don’t PREVENT it.

      Isn’t that true of every medication and/or medical procedure? Even non-medical lifestyle changes to reduce risk of some illness don’t guarantee you won’t become ill.

  2. I think it is fine that the first three vaccinations were free (OK taxpayers) for at the time with the unknowns of the Covid this could be assumed as very reasonable, however now a little more is known of vaccine limitations and the Omicrom variant this ceases to exist. I think anybody having the fourth shot should have to pay from their own pocket (apart from disadvantaged groups who wish to have the shot). For those of you who say but but the unvaccinated should have to pay for their own care then 1) they have already paid into the Greek system for years 2) they have not had the vaccinations so no costs for them for vaccinations, the centres sent up, logistics, IT….etc

  3. “ok ok the first three didn’t do anything but this one, this is the one that will absolutely work!! Step right up!! Get your super effective shot right here and we’ll give you a bunch of free tests for the disease this shot is supposed to be against!”

  4. Does this literally apply only to Greek citizens or are permanent residents with IKA and AMKA included?

    • All previous doses included ALL Greek residents, although it was difficult in some cases for those without a permanent AMKA. There was no problem for people with a permanent AMKA so I would expect the fourth dose to be the same. I will find out on 14 April when I will be booking my appointment. Happy to pay for it if that is what they want.