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“Covid-Pass to be abolished on May 1st,” says Greece Health Minister

Greece’s Health Minister, Thanos Plevris, said on Tuesday that the pandemic “conditions allow us to proceed with the suspension of the protection measures from May 1st.” The measures to be lifted are the Covid-Pass, that is the certificate for vaccination and recovery from Covid-19, as well as the mandatory use of masks indoors.

In an interview with Skai TV, Plevris stressed, however, that the certificates will not be abolished but “suspended.”

He added: “That is, the validity of vaccination and disease certificates is suspended – caution, not abolished -, the health protocols for tourist activities are simplified, as well as the tests (testing) on ​​citizens for their entry into various places.”

“Conditions allow us to suspend the measures from May Day. That is, the validity of the vaccination and disease certificates is suspended – attention, it is not abolished -, the health protocols for the tourist activities are simplified, as well as the controls (testing) on ​​the citizens for their entry in various places.” he said.

He added that “the measures will be reviewed in September.”

Plevris said further, that during the festive period of the Greek Orthodox Easter on April 24,, that “restrictions are even milder than last year.”

Meanwhile, the country’s Epidemiologists’ Committee is meeting on Wednesday to reportedly decide on the Covid-Pass and the mandatory use of mask, the measures in the churches during the Holy Week and the Resurrection night and Easter services as well as scrapping self-tests for students.

The use of mask in closed areas and outdoors where there is crowding is considered less a restriction and more a measure for personal protection. The country’s health experts are very reluctant when it comes to lift the mandatory use of mask indoors or in congestion outdoors.

“We can be more cautious in the mask, there is no need to make quick moves,” Plevris said in his interview.

Check also the Official announcements on April 13 by Health Minister for abolishing the Covid-Pass on May 1 and the mandatory mask indoors on June 1.

Maintaining the protective mask in all enclosed spaces but also outdoors where there is congestion, e.g. in the procession of the Epitaph or the Resurrection service and the negative diagnostic tests before people contact vulnerable or elderly people are the two prerequisites that will ensure that Easter days will not trigger a new outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Greece.

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  1. Why not immediately? The measures aren’t restricting the number of cases or deaths, simply adversely impacting the shops and restaurants who have to police the rule.

    • Why? Because people with expertise in the area of epidemiology, virology and immunology/vaccinology have determined that this is the best strategy going forward.

      • But the people with expertise etc have consistently stated that masks are a waste of time in everyday situations. Empirical evidence proves it. The same experts have stated that lockdowns etc have not only been pointless, they have actually exacerbated the problem by, amongst other things confining people into crowded rooms, preventing them from getting healthy exercise and vitamin D….

        But, THOSE experts, who are well respected, or were before SARS 2/Covid, were ridiculed by the governments. No evidence was brought forward to prove them wrong, they were just ridiculed.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          1+2 sentences are false.

          • If you have evidence that masks work please show it.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            so far 2+ years Covid-free: me, family, lots of friends, relatives (among them also people with serious health issues, elderly) —> masks all the time and later also vaxxs. Reality also has proven that there is no 100% protection.

          • My family: 2+ years covid-free. No masks, no vax. I can link you 48 studies that say that masks are essentially nothing but virtue signaling talismans

            The vax pass will return in September so don’t worry. Just look at Shanghai where people are locked in their homes with no food or water. That’s what we’re getting after that yammy tourist money has been secured. None of it is about covid or anyone’s health of course but they now have the power to do it as NPC’s gave them that power

          • keeptalkinggreece

            Every ‘kid’ takes own responsibility and does as he/she pleases. It’s not a competition ‘right vs wrong’, guys.

  2. In the article it is stated twice that the covid pass will be suspended and not abolished. And now let’s read that headline again. ;o)

    • keeptalkinggreece

      Ambiguous statements deserve ambiguous posts: the Minister (or the covid-19) has to clarify first what exactly he means as there will be need to “adapt” the Covid-Pass to the realities in Sept. What’s the point of showing a Covid-Pass when 3. shot or 2. or was a year ago?

      furthermore, he might not even be minister by then…

  3. Does this mean there will be no Covid passport AND no need for testing to travel to Greece from another country? So everyone can enter with no Covid restrictions regardless of vaccination status?

    • No. It is noted that the travel rules for entering Greece (which also includes travelers having to present their vaccination and recovery certificates) remain in place.

      • I just got back from a short vacation and no one asked for my COVID pass. I entered Greece as if we were in a normal world.

  4. So opening the country for tourists for summer and then food shortages AND Covid lockdowns by October? just great. I don’t trust politicians to make a cup of tea. I’m stocking up now to avoid the customary trolley dash at supermarkets when fit hits the shan. While we might see what’s going on Shanghai as horrific, Brussels is salivating.