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Turkey eyes half of the Aegean Sea, the islands and Crete

Talking about state extremism: Turkey wants half of the Aegean Sea including all islands in the East, the whole Dodecanese  as well as the island of Crete. Erdogan’s government partner, far-right nationalist Devlet Bahceli (MHP) presented on Saturday a map of Turkey’s revisionist plan called “Blue Motherland” extended to a new extreme.

The presentation took place at the headquarters of terrorist, neo-fascist organization “Grey Wolves“, the militant wing  of Behceli’s “Nationalist Movemnt Party” (MHP). The map was presented to the party leader by the Grey Wolves president Ahmet Yigit Yildirim as a …gift..


Islands of the North, Eastern and South Aegean such as Lesvos, Chios all of the Dodecanese including Rhodes as well as the whole island of Crete are marked ‘red’ as the whole of Turkey.

It should be noted that Bahceli has often threatened to go to the extreme regarding Greece.

It should also recall that president Recep Tayyip Erdogan presented Turkey’s plan called “Blue Motherland” in September 2019.

The map presented by Erdogan was marking ‘red’ several Greek islands Turkey claims their sovereignty as “disputable.”

Commenting on the map, Greece’s diplomatic sources said that “the public presentation of a map by top officials of the party that is a government ally in Turkey and which depicts Greek territory as Turkish, is a particularly aggressive and provocative action and is absolutely condemnable.”

“Unfortunately, it is part of the escalation of extreme rhetoric from Turkey that we witness on a daily basis. We expect the immediate categorical and public disapproval of this unacceptable act of questioning the territorial sovereignty of our country,”. the diplomatic sources stressed.

A few hours earlier, Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar had fired new threats against Greece saying that “Ankara has a plan to defend its rights and interests in the Aegean, the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus, which it will implement in different phases and stages.”

“We will not allow our rights to be trampled upon, nor will we allow them to be done away with. We repeat this. This is what our president said. We’re not kidding. Do not attempt any adventure like spoiled brats, relying on others. Come like people let’s sit down and talk,” Akar said.

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  1. They should consider to watch the movie „300“ once again very carefully… even being only halfway Greek I will take a rifle and defend Greece against any intruders. So, come and get it!

  2. Well, the Turkish government are just a load of prats ! Do they honestly think they can take over all these islands and particularly Crete, NATO ..they will get blown to kingdom come..let’s hope that this idiot Erdogan gets thrown out.

  3. Well Turkey I’d say good luck with that one, did they not see what happened when the Germans invaded Crete

  4. Utterly laughable, and breathtakingly brainless.

    Just more little cowardly bark-bark-bark like a little dog to appease their uneducated nationalists or these pirates would have acted by now than just get humiliated at the border, sea, and air.. Ignore them.

  5. Barking dogs very rarely bite. And if they do they are taken down.

  6. Collective dementia would explain it, but so would extreme stupidity. Or both. There are no other reasonable explanations. Take your pick! Today we re having a two for one sale!

  7. I am from Romania and I will defend Greece against the Turkish invasion if necessary.