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Tentoglou 8.40 m jump cancelled due to “inappropriate shoes”; he strikes back with 8.41 (video)

A few hours after the IAAF’s decision to cancel his jump at 8.40m, Miltos Tentoglou came back with a valid jump at 8.41m, thus achieving the top performance for 2023 in the long jump.

Video: Long jump at 8.41 m

The decision of World Athletics was reportedly based on the rationale that the shoes worn by the “golden” Olympic champion of Tokyo are prohibited in long jump competitions. In particular, Tentoglou was wearing the “Black Panther” version of Adidas shoes specially designed for long jump, which in fact released them in a limited number of pairs (limited edition).

According to World Athletics, this model is prohibited for use in long jump events. But no one had checked Tentoglou’s shoes before launching his efforts at the indoor sports meeting.

“I don’t care about an 8.40 jump. I can jump it whenever the fuck I want,” the 24-year-old athlete reportedly wrote after his performance was canceled by the World Athletics Federation ruling that he competed in inappropriate shoes.

“You are the biggest players in all of Europe. Thanks for the support and epic comments. No result is more important than what happened. Great athletes immediately supported me. I want to thank you all. You are like family to me”, Tentoglou wrote shortly after his new success on his personal Instagram account.

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  1. Nice job on the jump, but clean up the language. Not nice from a role model.